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Default Simple character concept. What's yours?

I've got a player that is having a hard time coming up with a character concept for my upcoming game. He has been overloaded with overtime at work and hasn't had the relaxed mind to be able to focus on creating a concept. He has asked me to come to him with a few concepts to choose from. His only criterion for what he wants to play is that the character be simple.

The characters that he usually plays and his game world are all supremely complex and complicated. Always full of political intrigue and subterfuge. He wants to play something without all the hidden motivations and suspicious secrets.

I wanted to ask here because more than two heads are better than one.

I'm looking for what you might consider to be fun to play that doesn't require a huge amount of effort to keep your motivations in check. Think shonen style characters. You understand what makes them tick just from a short amount of time seeing them.

What you might want to know about the campaign:
Semi-cinematic to full on cinematic
Set in a sort of anime-ish world
It's kind of like the nineties. We have access to things like the internet and cell phones, but the world isn't all about instant informative gratification like we are today.
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