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Default Ultra tech production lines


Just reading ultra tech and I am trying to work out how many stations you can have per production line, is it 1 per hundred dollars of item produced or 100 dollars of production line.

Neither really works for the example given
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Default Re: Ultra tech production lines

Stations isn't a term used on UT p 89, so I'm not sure what you mean.

The example chip fabricator factory has 2,000 lines, each costing $80,000 and capable of producing 18 chips per month. The total factory costs $160,000,000 (or $160 million) and produces 36,000 chips per month. That seems pretty straightforward. You can have any number of lines operating in parallel, regardless of the size or cost of the final product.

FWIW, a $160M, 36K/month chip fab is pretty small. AMD's Fab 30 cost them around $2 billion over several years, and could produce around 8 million CPUs/quarter, or 1-2 million per month - at a time when AMD rarely had more than 15-20% of the x86 CPU market.

Amusingly, the 110,000 or so parallel production lines for a ~$200, 0.005 chip that would produce around 8 million chips per quarter would cost about $2B, so that is some excellent reality checking on David Pulver's part.
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