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Default Kama and judo

i have been recently introduced to the classical japanese weapon of the Kamas in my Judo class and have learned a few techniques where classic judo throws are accomplished by hooking under a joint (armpit or neck for instance) and completing a throw normally.

In the rules for Judo skill and throws, damage is pretty straight forward and I assume most of this damage is received from the slamming of the thrown victim crashing into the ground. Of course I realize that some damage may be from the wrenching of a limb during the throw but I figure the rules do not really take this into account unless a specific skill was used to wrench the limb or engage an arm a leg lock first.

When using the kama to throw how should the skill roll to initiate the throw be handled? Should it just be a judo based Kama skill roll? Should there be a penalty to a Judo skill roll for lack of fine motor manipulation? Should it just be a kama roll with close combat modifiers?

What about the damage from the throw? Should it just be turned into Cutting? Should the cutting damage be separate from the actual Judo damage of slamming into the ground?

thanks in advance.
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