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Default Re: Treasure from the Sheikh of the Grinning Skull Oasis

Originally Posted by Dalillama View Post
Hmm. Callous, Sadism, and Bloodlust would probably emulate what I'm going for. They're all traits that Abu Jafar would probably have anyway as a devotee of Cyric, so he wouldn't notice or care that the cloak induced them too.
Abu Jafar was indeed a Bully, with Callous and Sadism. He didn't actually have Bloodlust as some uncontrollable urge, but instead would regularly kill someone for no other reason than to dedicate their death to his patron, the Lord of Murder. That wasn't Compulsive, however, but when he did this, Abu Jafar would gain power. It contributed to his negative Reputation among civilised people, however.

Originally Posted by Dalillama View Post
Sandstorm Pipes:
These would be an item found in the ruins. They are a set of Ney Abnan bagpipes which allow a skilled player to control the winds. Unless one of the Sheikh's magic users was musically inclined, though, they may not know this. Particular tunes call forth particular effects, and new compositions have unpredictable effects. This is not an instrument for the beginner. The knowledge of which songs do what is lost as well. Perhaps the bin Rook volume could be of help?
Al-Warrakh and/or Abu Jafar would routinely use Knowledge spells to determine if items found by raiding parties or tomb-robbing expeditions were magical and what their enchantments consisted of.

Of course, if something was not usable without skills they didn't have, they might have put it in storage. At least, if they were unable to trade the item to someone else for things they did want or could use.

There are many tribal atamans in the desert and the surrounding lands who would defy the Bey's laws to trade with the bandits, at least if the bandits had fine horseflesh, beatiful weapons or valuable magical treasures. For that matter, not all Emirs under the Bey were entirely innocent of trading with pirates and bandits.

Through middlemen in the tribes who live closer to the Dragonsword Mountains, the bandits also traded with the Nezramites, reclusive wizards descended from the Mulhorandi archmage Nezram, and the stone giants of the giant realm of Fuirgar.
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