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Jürgen Hubert
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Default Now I finally know how to do Eberron Artificers in GURPS... using Gadget limitations with the Sorcery rules from Pyramid #63!

Let's say that basic Sorcerous Empowerment covers "magical gear" the Artificer carries around with him and give it the "Can only be taken by stealth or trickery" limitation for -10% (20% halved since thieves can't immediately use it), since it is likely in his pockets, backpack, and so forth. If this gets stolen, he needs to replace it - and since market prices aren't mentioned anywhere, let's give this a flat cost of 1% of Starting Wealth per character point sunken into Sorcerous Empowerment. Artificers can convert non-artifact magic items into magical gear, destroying the item in the process but replenishing their supplies for an amount equal to their market value. They can buy magical gear in advance, if they fear any "mishaps". Note: The "magical gear" they initially get from purchasing this advantage is free - they don't have to pay for it separately.

This brings down the cost for Sorcerous Empowerment to 17 points for level 1, 26 for level 2, 34 for level 3, 33 for level 4, 41 for level 5, and so forth.

"Known Spells" represent specialized magic items the character has researched extensively. They can get any variant of the Can Be Stolen limitation (again, with the "doesn't work for thieves" part, halving their cost) - the player should describe the precise nature of the magic item. The same goes for "improvised" spells. Furthermore, these spells should also be given the Preparation Required limitation to represent the time needed to cobble them together - 1 minute for simple items or "quick artificers" up to 8 hours for very complex items.

Note that Artificers can't have more than one of their magic items working at the same time unless they pay for them at full cost.

And there you have it - a magical McGuyver! Artificer should also be able to create enchanted items for magical effects they can create at normal market rates for magical items - these will work for others and count as normal magical gear, but they cannot be improvised on the fly.
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Default Re: Now I finally know how to do Eberron Artificers in GURPS...

It seems like they could also make limited use of Imbue with the Magic PM. You know, for the weapon attacks that deal elemental damage.
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