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Night Watchman
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Default Re: Special GURPS dice?

Originally Posted by Boge View Post
Are there any dice out there that have something like skulls for the 6 and stars for the 1?
I've now been using some of my Chessex custom dice for weekly GURPS sessions for over a year, and they're just fine.

If you would like me to make some like this, I can do so readily, but they will not be cheap: they start at $6, with a minimum order of ten, before you add shipping and taxes. If you're in the USA, I could get them shipped directly to you.
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Default Re: Special GURPS dice?

I got some dice called "DoubleSix" dice. They are 12 sided dice, but with 1-6 (twice) on their sides. They roll more smoothly than cube dice. I think three of them make great GURPS dice, although I do like the idea of a "failure" icon on the sixes, or a "success" icon on the ones.....

Joshua Levy
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chessex, dice

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