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Old 06-29-2009, 09:17 PM   #381
Blood Legend
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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

Is the character's name Rouge (the makeup) or Rogue as in thief? Gives me an interesting idea for a fem fatale..
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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

From the D&D session a few weeks ago:

The GM: "I keep assuming you're saying something important, and then I'm struck how dumb it was." (the conversation had degenerated to zombie babies on sticks)

Quinn: "Praying for help is actually useful in a fantasy world!"
The GM: "Heck, with a 32, it might have actually worked in the real world."

Kethra: "Nobody tries to move a dwarf. Who's PLAN was this?"

From todays D&D session (in progress!)
Kethra: "Little black suit of armor: Timeless!"
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Old 07-05-2009, 01:31 PM   #383
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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

Suryn (Elf druid), having a confrontation with Ballard (Human pyromaniac wizard).

Suryn: "Humans have two kidneys, one on either side, right?"
Ballard: "Everything's basically flammable, right?"
All about Size Modifier; Unified Hit Location Table
A Wiki for my F2F Group
A neglected GURPS blog
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Old 07-05-2009, 05:39 PM   #384
Rocket Man
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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

In the course of an Archangelic golf outing between Michael and Marc (yes, really), the Archangel of War decided to even things out by using "Outlaw Golf" tactics to rattle his opponent. Which is why, as Marc lined up a shot, Michael's caddy pulled a gigantic paintball gun from out of his bag.

Marc: "What are you doing?"
Michael: "Winning."

Later, Gabriel begins to play through. She and Marc watch in puzzlement/amusement as Michael lies on the ground sniper-style and begins to line up a golf shot with the paintball gun.

Gabriel: "We can do that?"

Marc: "He can do that. Me? That's another story."

(The "shot" knocks the ball astray, into the rough)

Marc: "Of course, there's a reason most of us don't do that..."
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Old 07-06-2009, 01:13 PM   #385
Mark Skarr
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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

From our Hero game on Sunday. We were trapped in a cave, with a portal leading to a Hell dimension. We might have been able to go back the way we came, if we wanted to deal with the nasty sleep gas and something coming to kick our butts. We were in an underground cave, under a lake, in southern Louisana:

Backup: "Hey, Red, how long can you hold your breath?"
GM: "I love ideas that start with that question."
Red Velvet: "Uh . . . a couple of minutes . . . why?"
Backup: "You think you could damage the ceiling so it'd collapse and fill the portal?"
Red Velvet: "Um . . . I don't know. But then holding our breaths becomes irrelevant, we'll be crushed by the sludge."
Backup: "No, that's just it, we'll flood the Hell dimension with the swamp, and then climb out."
Stormshadow: "That's assuming the portal doesn't suck the whole earth in."
Red Velvet and Backup: "What?"
Stormshadow: "Once it starts sucking the swamp in, what's going to keep it from sucking the rest of the world in?"
Backup: "The fact that we know they've opened it before, and it didn't."
Red Velvet: "A six-sextillion ton ball of iron."
GM: "Wait a second, I thought Red wasn't that smart?"
Red Velvet (OOC): "It's cool. It's got the word 'sex' in it."

Just a little bit later, still the same argument, after the laughing subsided.

Stormshadow: "You can't do that. It would cause an ecological catastrophe."
Red Velvet: "Yep. But we don't live in Louisana."
Stormshadow: "But we need to go through the portal and find out of Marshal is still there."
Red Velvet: "No, really, we don't. I'm pretty sure that he's not there. I don't wanna go to a Hell dimension."
Stormshadow: "Well, we have to, to get out."
Red Velvet: "What's wrong with Backup's plan?"
Stormshadow: "It would cause an ecological catastrophe here, and who knows what it would do to the Hell dimension."
Red Velvet and Backup: "Who cares what it would do to the Hell dimension."
Red Velvet: "For a mercenary, you're not very mercenary."

After going to the Hell dimension, while Gummi (the GM) was off for a moment. All OOC.
Red Velvet: (to another player) "what's your character's name?"
Argent: "Malcom."
Red Velvet: "Whew. Okay, Gummi can live."
Stormshadow: "Why?"
Red Velvet: "Well, if his name was 'Will' we'd have to hurt Gummi."
Stormshadow: "Okay?"
Red Velvet: "Think about it, if his name was Will, we'd have Holly and Will, looking for Marshall in a land that time forgot after taking a one way portal to this new land."
Stormshadow: (Laughing uncontrollably, the only one who got it).
Malcom, a returned Gummi and Backup: "What?"
Red Velvet (sining): "Marshall, Will and Holly/ on a routine expedition/ when the greatest earthquake ever known . . ."
Stormshadow: "You are so bad!"

At the very end. After returning from the Hell Dimension. Red Velvet and Backup go out to dinner.
Backup: "We should probably let the authorities know what happened down there. I'll call the New Orleans Police."
Red Velvet: "Yeah, I'll call the guy who let us ride on his sub."
Red Velvet (miming using a cell phone): "Hi there. It's Holly. You can recall the sub, we're fine now and they have their stuff. Also, you may want to avoid doing anything in that area as there's a portal to a hell dimension there. If you plan on going back, you might want to, at first, saturate the area with thermonuclear weaponry. Or, get with the police and fill the place with cement."
GM (Reeling from how fast it was said): "Hey, wait a second. Nuclear weaonry? Weren't you guys worried about an ecological catastrophe?"
Red Velvet and Backup: "No. SHE was." (Indiciating Stormshadow)
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Mark Skarr
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(If you have to ask . . .)
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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

After a particularly nasty fight:

Lauren: How bad off are you?
Dan: I'm Canadian . . . I'm almost French.
Nienna: Wow. There's no amount of healing that can cure that.
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Old 08-09-2009, 10:28 PM   #387
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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

Playing D&D 2e. My character, a thief, failed to detect/disable a trapped door and fell victim to its poisoned-needle trap. The other characters (for reasons I don't recall) were not aware of the nature of the injury, and simply found me unconscious. They took me to a cleric for healing; after a quick examination, the cleric said something to the effect of, "I've looked him over, but I didn't find anything but this little prick"

Playing D6 Star Wars, one of the players, whose character had been grievously wounded and placed in a bacta tank to recover, interjected his opinion on the IC discussion we were having. I responded with something to the effect of, "Shut up! All you can say right now is, 'Blub, blub…'"

Playing Deadlands, my character had been through a great deal of wierdness, and had decided that nothing was real anymore. The GM, for whatever reason, was trying to rectify the problem, and had a side-session with me, where he had God visit with my character, on a beach, in lawn chairs, under a beach-umbrella; God in the guise of a "modern" older man, offered me a mojito while he tried to soothe my character's concerns. When I was returned to where the rest of the group was, they all asked what had happened. I responded, "God gave me a mojito."
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Old 08-10-2009, 12:21 PM   #388
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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

A couple of days ago at a Con game appropriately titled "Zombie Apocalypse"...

At the first sign of a disturbance, my character had moved casually away from the direction of the unrest, and appropriated a chair to use as an improvised club--primarily with the intent of using it on a window.

Another player took issue with this. "You should stick with the rest of the group and follow me [towards the disturbance]. I have a *knife*!"

I wished him luck with that.

(Suprisingly, my character escaped. The first PC to do so in the several years this GM has been running the game there. <shrug> Getting out of the building was, of course, only the first hurdle, but it was the biggest one.)
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Mark Skarr
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(If you have to ask . . .)
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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

Yesterday, I picked up my Hero 6e GenCon CD from my friend who pre-ordered my copy (Gordon Feiner). I was doing a scan of one of the books on my work computer when another gamer I only vaguely knew came up behind me. Keep in mind, that for this entire exchange, the CD case that says "Hero System Sixth Edition GenCon Special" is sitting on my desk, in plain view.

Other: "Hero 6? When did this come out?"
Me: "Next month, September."
Other: "How did you get a copy?"
Me: (Scroll up to page 2 of the PDF and highlight Gordon's name) "This guy works over in ICC, I have some good blackmail material on him. I made him get me a production PDF before they were available."
Other: Stunned into silence with mouth hanging open.
Me: (Laughing and holding up the CD case) "No, seriously. If you pre-ordered it at GenCon, you got the PDFs."
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Old 08-24-2009, 09:10 AM   #390
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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

My Sunday group tends to run miniseries instead of campaigns. Yesterday was the start of a low-powered superhero game, and all of the PCs are being brought to Vibora Bay by assorted odd events.

One PC is a sorceress specializing in telekinesis spells, her main attack is to telekinetically throw stuff at her opponents. In case there isn't anything suitable in the area, she carries a bag of steel marbles with her in hero ID. Her intro story was that she came home to find her bags packed and a note from her (deceased, but when you were a big name voodoo priestess ... ) grandmother telling her she needed to go to Vibora Bay stat. The player looked up at the heavens and cried "Did you remember to pack my marbles?"

Another PC is a somewhat-retired Secret Service agent who followed a tip to Vibora Bay. As he drives to the hotel, he gets a text message on his cell telling him to visit a certain community center (the location we were all meeting at), but there's no originating number given for the message.

Player: (miming throwing the cell out of the car) Well, this has been compromised.

He then turned on the car radio, which just happened to be playing a PSA for that community center.

Player: (miming pulling the radio out of the car) Well, this has been compromised.

(we were all voting for a flyer to land on his windshield next, just to see him try to rip that out and toss it ;) )

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actual play, funny

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