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Old 03-03-2009, 02:05 PM   #331
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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

From last night's session:

(the delvers are just about to melee with 3x their number in lizard men)

Mordreona: "I'm not sure I like this, I don't like it at all."
Lenia: "We'll be fine, Mordreona."
Mordreona: "I'm sure 'We' will. It's me I'm worried about."
Connell: "Worst that will happen is you get gored by a lizard and crippled for life, like Hammer." blinks, "Wait. That was a little more truthful than I wanted."
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Old 03-11-2009, 08:05 AM   #332
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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

Originally Posted by Luke Bunyip
Sheer and utter genius. IMHO
God, yes! *Nobody* who was there will ever forget it...

It took aprox ten minutes before anyone could speak without someone else suddenly cracking up and setting off the whole room again.

High point of the aftermath once we all became coherent again was seeing the creator of Swamp Thing shaking his finger vaguely in Ms Lackey's direction and trying to squeak out something past the laughter tears. I think she did permanent damage to how he views his own creation.

Shameless plug: They sell highlight reels from previous years on DVD. They actually caught this whole thing on tape.
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Old 03-11-2009, 03:43 PM   #333
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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

A few of the deeper and more meaningful arguments in our group recently.

PC1 (Cynical Soldier): Look, It's impossible, there is no way we can break into their base that way.
PC2 (Unrelenting optimist): Yes we can. Nothings Impossible.
PC3 (Usually a very mild and Quiet character): *Looks up from his book* Have you ever tried to Slam a revolving door?

PC1: Your Face!
PC2: Your Mum!
PC1: Your Mum's Face!
PC2: Your...Your...Your Mums Face...On Toast!!!
PC3: Oooh...nasty.

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Old 03-23-2009, 08:59 AM   #334
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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

Star Hero, one PC is the target of a kidnapping attempt, the only other PC in position to help right away is the psionic. The psi gets a very nice roll on her Ego Attack on one kidnapper.

GM: And they don't have Mental Defense, this will be like a railroad spike through a cantaloupe.

A friend got the Anniversary Edition of Axis and Allies, so some of us were trying it out. One turn, the player running Germany spent almost all his cash on new infantry units.

Me: I see you got the Lebensborn program up and running.
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Old 03-23-2009, 01:21 PM   #335
Mark Skarr
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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

Our Hero game. We'd just scared a 5/8ths of spec-ops team into surrendering (I Succored the werewolf's PRE to 77, and MonkeyFist has a 2D6 Suppress VS PRE as well). Three of them managed to resist and were knocked stupid by the werewolf (two of them by using the third as a club).

Dallas (werewolf): "Guy's I'm hungry. Can I eat this one?" (indicating the "club.")
Ana (me): "We just got you a hamburger!"
Dallas: "I know, but I'm hungry again."
Gummi (GM): "Yeah, roll that PRE attack again."
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Old 03-23-2009, 04:40 PM   #336
Rocket Man
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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

Our group of angels in In Nomine had just kept a Remnant Calabite from destroying a plane and was trying to restore his mind and save his soul at the same time. Gareth, my angel of Destiny, believed his Superior could help and raced to the scene, making it from Madison to Chicago in five minutes by "shortcutting" from a Madison bookstore to Yves' Library in Heaven and then to the Chicago Public Library.

On arrival, the following exchange ensues ...
Fellow angel: "How'd you get here so fast?"
Gareth: "Oh, I booked it."
“It's not railroading if you offer the PCs tickets and they stampede to the box office, waving their money. Metaphorically speaking”
--Elizabeth McCoy, In Nomine Line Editor

Author: "What Doesn't Kill Me Makes Me Stronger"
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Old 03-23-2009, 04:57 PM   #337
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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

Shadowrun campaign; we are on a pseudo dungeon crawl in tunnels below the sewer and subways. The GM says, "As you're walking along, you realize you're cut off electronically -- your comm links have no service." I reply, "But I have The Network! See the huge crowd of engineers?"

GURPS campaign, weird American Victoriana. Two male PC's and one female. The female character is a librarian with limited combat skills, and combat paralysis; however, she is also pretty much always willing to get into the midst of things with us. Because people tend to look askance at women doing such "unladylike" activities, she likes to get into disguise when things get rough, finding an unoccupied pair of pants and a shirt and coat. In one scene, we were on our way to destroy a wooden box that had a foul spirit bound into it. We had scored some lamp oil, which she was carrying along with a lantern. I had my walking stick and an enchanted knife that would keep the spirit from possessing me (it had already taken the other male PC). She went to the box, poured the oil on it, and started rummaging in her pockets for matches. Unsure how long I could hold off the opposition, I called to her to just smash the lantern on the box! Unfortunately, some of the oil had splashed on her pants, and now caught on fire. She managed to douse her legs, but a few minutes later, one of the possessed crawled to her through the flames on the floor, catching his own clothing on fire before attacking her. Between us, we managed to subdue the fellow, and douse him. Unsure of whether her own clothing had caught again, she said, "What about the fire in my pants?"
Sex is nobody's business but the three people involved. And the shop where they bought the equipment.
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Old 03-24-2009, 12:15 PM   #338
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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

During a game, Campire PC who ran a nightclub was being attacked by the police. He had high contacts and called his contact in the police, the local police chief.

Vamp: Hello, is this the police chief?
PC: Yes, who is this?
Vamp: It's XXXX, I'm currently in my night Club and your stupic men are attacking me, call them off.
PC:...Why should I? I've heard whats going on there and you broke the law.
Vamp: Well if you don't then certain...picutres will get out into the public.
PC: Damn you! How did you get those Pictures of me in a Gimp suit in the First place!!
Vamp: I have pictures of everyone in Gimp Suits Police chief...

Game playresumed about 15 minutes later when everyone had stopped laughing at 'the vampire loving powerful men in gimp suits'.
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Old 04-05-2009, 09:41 PM   #339
Mark Skarr
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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

Manfred, the vampire who’s home we were in to do some research. I get possessed and killed (death noogie from the werewolf pulled my head off). I teleported the party to the ancient history so they’re stuck in like 10,000 BC (hey, getting mind controlled by the GM sucks). After we appeared, Manfred decided to leave, to let them fight the nasty. After we lose two other characters and the party returns to the temple:

Manfred: “So, did it all work out?”
Jamie (my, quiet, unassuming, sister’s werewolf character): *extends her hand into the gaming table and flips off the GM*
Jamie (ooc): That’s with the head hanging out of this hand.
Everyone: Laughs
Kit: “And thus the ancient enmity between werewolves and vampires is born!”
Everyone: Laughs more
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Old 04-11-2009, 01:22 AM   #340
Mark Skarr
Forum Pervert
(If you have to ask . . .)
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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

Had another good one at work:

We were discussing the new Day the Earth Stood Still movie. Now, I'm horrible with names, so that's what caused this.

M: "Who was that in the original."
Me (without even thinking): "Michael Rennie."
M: "Yeah, that's right. Wait, Mark, how do you know that."
(at this point my friend, L, walks by on her way home)
Me: "L, would you please tell them how I knew that Michael Rennie was there The Day The Earth Stood Still?"
L (without missing a beat): "Because he told us where we stand."
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actual play, funny

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