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Default Re: How do you adjudicate initiating HTH?

It makes a big difference that the ghoul fight was in a tight space, with mostly one space tunnels connecting small rooms. The opportunity to disengage was limited. The one character who really could disengage had a low DX (starter character) so was at the mercy of the HTH-crazed ghouls.

The result was three of the four were dying, with one escaping. It was in a town graveyard so I gave the player a break and let him return with some of his allies, but I also decided that one of the characters was certainly killed by the ghouls and the other two had a 50/50 chance of still being alive. Only one was alive, but he was the most experienced character.

I suppose that if my bane were high DX characters dodging combat, I'd view things differently. Different players with different characters and combat styles lead to different conclusions on whether HTH is too useful or not useful enough.
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