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Default Re: New to GURPS my head hurts

Hey thanks to everyone for a reply. WOW . I haven't checked it in few days hoping to get a reply or two but this outpouring of help is just amazing. I think I will run with the basic rules for now until we all get used to it. Thanks again. I will update you and let you know how it is all going asap.
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Default Re: New to GURPS my head hurts

Originally Posted by Mgellis View Post
* Start simple. You can always add more options, more powers, etc. as you get a better feel for the system. Right now, just let the characters have common, basic advantages (Combat Reflexes, Luck, Night Vision, etc.) and skills and go from there.
I wouldn't necessarily advise everyone to start with only GURPS Lite, but I'll say it wouldn't be a bad idea to start with GURPS Lite and add things from the rest of the GURPS lineup that you feel the campaign needs. With the number of options available in GURPS, you may find it easier to do an additive edit than a subtractive one.
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new gm

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