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Default Re: GURPS Does It The Hard Way!

Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
Well, not necessarily. You could have an anthropomorphic bunnies campaign in the world of Steve Gallacci's Albedo, which is fairly hard science fiction. Or you could set them in the world of the 1940s (modern realism)—there was a movie about that. . . .

And conversely, anthropomorphic bunnies would fit hopelessly badly into most fantasy campaigns. I mean, try it with literary sources. Conan visits the valley of the anthropomorphic bunnies! The Fellowship of the Ring pass through a kingdom peopled by bunnies! Harry Potter spends a year as an exchange student at l'Académie St.-Lapin! . . . and in each case the clash of tone destroys any chance of taking the campaign seriously.

Bill Stoddard

Hobbits are obviously rabbits arent they?

I think were talking about archetypal scenario books for the main genres. You could play vampire bunnies, I guess, but youre putting yourself out on a fairly strange limb if you do. I would expect that bunny fans arent going to want scenarios. I shouldnt imagine they are anyones target audience either.
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gurps revival

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