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Old 10-26-2009, 02:10 PM   #1
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Default GURPS Does It The Hard Way!

Well, Im slowly acclimatising myself to the Gurps system but I can see Im still a long way off from running it.

Ive played many games (Ive said this previously), from D&D, through RQ, Traveller, Twilight 2000, Rolemaster, etc., etc.. mechanics dont scare me! But Gurps is the biggest challenge Ive ever seen.

I can see the appeal, after being initially put off. Despite a hefty couple of rulebooks, it still seemed to be lacking something. I thought it was a bestiary. But, you know, Im coming to the conclusion that it is the lack of scenario material.

I know its an old issue with Gurps and Im sure people have mentioned it lots of times before I have.

In the same way that the lack of a bestiary was seen as a good thing by some, Im sure many would argue that the lack of scenarios and general GM support is also a good thing. I cant see it myself. As for the argument that scenario material doesnt sell, Im not so sure. Such material actually improves sales of the core rulebooks in the long run.

Every system has its classic scenarios, products that define the system. RQ had Griffin Mountain and Pavis and the Rubble, AD&D had the Slavers series, the Giants series. Twilight 2000 had the Polish campaign. Today, Savage Worlds has scenario material bursting at the seams.

Gurps not so much.

When you do it the Gurps way, you do it the hard way! Dont expect fluff or colour. What you get is a black shiny toolbox. You want monsters? Make 'em yerself! You want storylines? What, ya lazy or what? Get workin'! Yer a Gurps player now sonny! You can forget all that mollycodlin' in future!

And, to emphasise the point, were going to call it the most unappealin' name ya evah heard! Ladies and gentlemen I give you, GURPS!

Maybe it could be a bit more friendly?
''Yyrkoon,'' said Elric, ''this is unwise of you.''
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gurps revival

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