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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)

Originally Posted by jason taylor View Post
Seems likely enough. The Imperium would probably glorify the more benign and less extravagantly(at least for their time) evil empires that did things like building roads, taxing efficiently and keeping peace. They would be ambiguous about Byzantium; their religious enthusiasm would be rather uncouth by 3I standards as Impies would consider any enthusiasm beyond harmless eccentricity as rather uncouth. The religious persecution and religious feuding they would certainly decry though some annoying people would point out that it was really no different then the Psionic Suppressions. And of course the frequent changes of regimes by overly vigorous methods would NOT be approved of. However the Imperials would praise the things normally praised about Byzantium; the protection of Europe against invaders, the preservation of antique culture and the simple determination to survive.
Agreed, but like conventional modern day Western History textbooks, they'd leave it pretty much in the footnotes.

China would certainly be praised as was said. As would be Rome. I once pictured that Imperial ideology would when making references to Terra would make poetic metaphors about "The Eagle, the Dragon, and the Lion, the empires of the West, East, and South(the lion is Ethiopia; I don't know much about ancient Ethiopia and from what I do know it wouldn't fit the narrative of Imperial Culture well. But it does fit well from the poetic point of view and rather completes the thing).
Ethiopia's history is quite interesting. They'd be slotted in as a tragic Empire that shrove to provide justice. Hemed in by religious fanatics and barbarians. They'd also make note of how the Italian Fascists brutalised the Empire and how Stalinists destroyed it.

South American Empires would certainly be passed over. However the mystery surrounding them would make them something of a minority interest. Tibet would in some circles continue to have the same curious exoticism, even though real life Tibet was just another culture and the local monks were just as brutal to their serfs and just as given to feuding as any other overlord class whether clerical or aristocratic.
Tibet would apeal to the lovers of mystery and mysticism. It always does.

The British Empire would certainly gain approval. It would have the right combination of sort-of-liberalism, and Imperialism to please the Imperial ideology. They would probably disapprove of the nationalist movements in the British empire. The Imperium would definitely approve of the late Habsburg Empire-the Habsburgs of Maria Theresa, exotic coffee, hussars, and sound of music that is, not the Habsburgs of Charles V who were after all rather overenthusiastic, don't you know. They would appreciate the ideal of knitting together several nations in, er, harmonious, kind of, loyalty to a single dynasty and bringing peace to Central Europe. They would also note that once the Habsburgs were gone the Nazis gobbled up everyone and when they left the Staliniests took what was left. The Imperium would not like Revolutionaries. No not at all. Americans would be an exception to that because they were the embryo of the Terran Confederation whose ideals did contribute to the Imperium.
I disagree on the USA. Our existence from our revolutionary beginings through our rise to power, the existence of the USA is a rebuke to Empires. We prove they aren't needed. That's why we are labled an Empire, they're stuggling to hide the fact we've outmoded Empire. The 3I would either slander or ignore the USA.

Hollernzollerns would not be approved of by the Imperium as compared to the Habsburgs. But the disapproval would be mild. Old Fritz they wouldn't mind but Kaiser Bill they would agree was a spoiled Royal Brat.
A very good BAD example indeed.
Per Ardua Per Astra!

Ancora Imparo

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