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Default Re: [Campaign-Specific] Character Build: One Player's Telepath

If he has given you a summary of what his power does, have him write the summary on the character sheet, and call it good. If you want to give it a point value... hand waive one, "ahhhhhh, that sounds like 50 points to me" or whatever.
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Default Re: [Campaign-Specific] Character Build: One Player's Telepath

Originally Posted by Sunrunners_Fire View Post
A large Mindlink network allows Mind Reading as well as Telesend without requiring a roll; effectively ignoring any penalties for multiple contacts.

Thank you for the suggestion though.
I was mostly thinking that reading more than 10 or 15 minds at once might be impractical to GM. I mean, really, how would anyone read the surface thoughts of an entire city and really get anything out of it? Even with ETS and a couple dozen compartmentalized minds, I'd think any brain would be limited to maybe hearing 30-40 minds at once.
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Default Re: [Campaign-Specific] Character Build: One Player's Telepath

Mindlink only removes the need to roll with Mind Reading if they choose not to resist. Is it the expectation that an entire city will voluntarily participate in (or at least not resist) having their minds read?

Instead of having a large network of minds, how about making it so he can initiate Mind Reading reflexively with little chance of failure (Long-Range 2 and Reliable 10?). Then he can just shift his attention around reflexively. Adding Detect-Based, Reversed (GURPS Supers, p. 33) allows you to initiate a mind reading by detecting the mind rather than seeing or touching the person. See the Mindscan ability (GURPS Supers, p. 48) for an example of how this combination works.

It's also possible that whatever functionality you expect to get out of reading an entire city of minds at once might better be represented by other abilities (Clairsentience, Blessed, Intuition, etc.).

Also, I'm not sure what you mean when you say that abilities will piggy-back off Telesend.
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