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Terry Tigre
Join Date: Dec 2021
Default Destroy that Laser Tower scenario (aircraft test)

After playing around with some aircraft rules, I came up with this scenario to test them. It is pretty easy to solo the basic version of the scenario, as after the defender setup it usually lasts only a single turn, if only aircraft are used...

3 maps are needed:

The ogre map (most southern one of the maps).

Any of the s1, s2 or s3 maps, placed north of the ogre map and

Any of the g1, g2, g3 maps, north of the s map that was chosen,

The defender gets one laser tower, on the g map. It may be placed anywhere, except on water or bridge hexes.

On the same map a Paneuropean howitzer battery 150 vp
2 howitzers, 2 light tanks, 36 infantry squads and 12 heavy weapon squads. These must all be within 8 hexes of the laser tower.

On the middle s map a Paneuropean panzer company consisting of 6 heavy tanks and 12 light tanks, it can be set up anywhere they can legally move to. 72 vp

Finally on the ogre map a force of 5 missile tanks, 5 gevs and 20 infantry squads. They must be setup north of the 2 craters line (where the two craters are on the edge, where the bulk of the defense is set up in the ogre scenario). 100 vp

The attacker has aircraft and/or cruise missiles. See the aircraft rules posted on 14-1-2022 in the ogre forums, also by me. Up to 300 vp may be spent.

The goal is to destroy the laser tower with the least number of vp used. Cruise missiles are launched off map so the +3 modifier applies. This makes them likely to be shot down immediately, and if you have more than one you must write down how many you use each turn, and the target hex as usual.

One point though is that lasers are not able to shoot through mushroom clouds, so a cruise missile explosion would block lasers within 6 hexes of the center. Regular nuclear explosions would only block 1 hex. This would last until the end of the current turn.

The cruise missiles would all go before the aircraft, as those move in a later phase.

Note that aircraft can use missiles and cannons to create explosions in front of them, to block the laser firing at them. Entering such hexes is risky though, treat this as an immediate 1:1 attack when entering. This also applies when the aircraft is attacked by enemy units. In general at least a strength 2 attack is needed to create a mushroom cloud. Note that the aircraft only suffers an 1:1 atack when entering, so a mushroom cloud created when firing at it only has effect if the aircraft reenters the hex, or when a follow up aircraft does so.


Instead of using only aircraft and cruise missiles use ogres and/or conventional forces.
Here the goal is also to win with the least number of vp used. An ogre ninja would be 150 vp so 2 of them or 2 MKV or 2 MKIV or 3 MKIII or some combination would be possible for an ogre only force.

in such a scenario expect the defender to retreat at first with his southern units to avoid being destroyed in detail. The longer you take the longer the laser tower can fire unopposed...

Of course a truly mixed force would include aircraft, cruise missiles (perhaps on crawlers) ogres and conventional forces...

Clarifications on 22-1-2022:

The defender chooses which maps to use.

The attacker moves first, the defender second.

The attacker enters from south side of the ogre map, including any cruise missiles.

The victory condition is the status of the laser tower only. If it is destroyed the attackers win, otherwise the defenders win.

Aircraft can overrun, but any such overrun lasts only 2 rounds. They should avoid overruns though as that gives the defender an extra firing opportunity. Such fire woukd also allow attacks in their following fire phase, assuming they had not fired previous to the overrun.

Defenders units may leave their own map. In fact one of the better options may be all ogre map defenders immediately withdrawing and getting under the umbrella coverage of the heavy tanks which have been set up on the south side of the s map. Infantry in particular gets harder to destroy when not in the open. As defender placing units in towns helps a lot to letting them survive longer. The laser tower itself can be placed in a town.

Aircraft speeds are around 36 hexes for mach 1, in 20xx I have assumed several times the mach speed would be standard.

Lasers can shoot down ogre missiles fired from aircraft as if they were fired from an ogre.

Last edited by Terry Tigre; 01-22-2022 at 09:52 AM. Reason: Clarifications
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