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Default Death Star Spaceship

I'm sure this has been done before, and it's not really a serious exercise, but I tried to model the Death Star from Ep IV with the rules from the Spaceships series (RAW). Obviously, it would be bigger than SM15, so I had to improvise a bit. Also, I just glanced a bit at the normal Wiki for some basic stats.

It's more than 100 km, which I translate to SM31 (sphere shaped). I don't know about TL, but let's assume it's 10 (it's not _lower_ than that, at least). I have no idea how many J the main battery is, but I assume it's A LOT, so let's say it's a spinal battery. Let's also just have some fun and assume it's a large system, so it takes up not 3 but 9 slots (I think that's allowed according to RAW). I included the cheapest armor in each section, and filled the two cores with power plants for 2*4 power points that power the main gun now at 9 (the trick is to find the weak spot to bypass the armor in order to kill it, although I don't know if there's a rule that would let a fighter-size missile do the trick, unless you do some kind critical hit or special rule). Even so, it still needs another power plant, but let's make it half a system, so it has 10 in total.

There's a control room with 20 000 stations, Complexity and Comm/Sensor level both at 19 (arbitrarily extrapolated). To go with that, there's an array system with level 21, and just because I had a small slot over an ECM.

I struggled a bit with guns, since you could only get 30 per tertiary battery, but I'd say the DS probably has them in the thousands at least. It _would've_ worked if you could simply say a small system be "recursively small", so you could get the tertiary batteries down to SM10-15 (there'd definitely be enough then... but I didn't find that possible).

There's a small fusion torch reaction engine (I think, but I'm a bit at a loss with all the techno-babble for the engines, and I haven't looked more into the SW lore, so maybe there's better suited ones). Also, I slapped on a stardrive-1.

There's of course a hangar ("small" one, though, at SM30), with a 3*10^12 ton capacity and a launch rate of 500 million (again, arbitrarily extrapolated, but I'd say at least 5000 for SM15, so still way more per minute than I recall from the movie...). There's a cargo area for 5*10^12 tons. There's 6*10^11 habitats, which gives room 1.2*10^12 people in regular rooms, so definitely room for the 1.7 million that suppose to work there, and some 20 million open areas to have some fun with.

Then, finally, having that many people, you need something for them to do, so let's build them a factory for them to work (that's perhaps what the Empire does best).

The stat line (but columnised for simplicity) is as follows:
TL 10
dST/HP 500000
Hnd/SR -10/5
HT 14
Move 0.5G/25 kps
LWt 3*10^14 ton
Load (didn't calculate)
SM 31
Occ 1.2*10^12 ASV
dDR 30000
Range 1x
Cost $ 5.122*10^19

This is the system configuration (3 in the same slot means small systems, and 2 are half systems):
Front 1 Armor (steel)
Front 2 Spinal
Front 3 Spinal
Front 4 Spinal
Front 5 Hangar Cargo Factory
Front 6 Fuel Power Plant (antimatter)
Front Core Power Plant (antimatter)
Central 1 Armor (steel)
Central 2 Spinal
Central 3 Spinal
Central 4 Spinal
Central 5 Tertiary Battery (tractor) Tertiary Battery (?) Power Plant (antimatter)
Central 6 Stardrive
Central Core Power Plant (antimatter)
Rear 1 Armor (steel)
Rear 2 Spinal
Rear 3 Spinal
Rear 4 Spinal
Rear 5 Control Room Multipurpose Array Open Areas
Rear 6 Fission Engine Habitat ECM
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