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Default Re: How many Auto Manufacturers are there in NA?

Originally Posted by juris View Post
A gang just needs bunch of peds with Stinger SAMs. 4-5 will end most choppers from just the D hazards - should be minus 12 HC from taking the hits. Best part is the chopper will probably be salvageable
[snort] Anyone delivering bombs from that short range at that low speed deserves what he gets -- my preferred delivery method kept the launcher *well* out of reach of whatever defense the bikers had put together. And when 1,500-lb. CBs became A Thing... well, one of those with LG could take out many times its cost in bikers and their bases. :)

Bringing this back to "manufacturers": I'm not sure how many helicopter makers listed in the _VG_s also built fixed-wings; I do have my brace of designs, but they never got officially published.
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