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Default Re: Scientific Specializations for Exploring Unknown Island

Originally Posted by Agemegos View Post
Yes, but
[*]The best graduates from Caribbean institutions and even the best undergrads often got scholarships to study and train in the USA (Fulbright Program and so on), UK, France, Netherlands etc.
Ah, indeed. Denzel Rolle is meant to represent that kind of scholar, with an MSc degree from a university on the Bahamas or with a historical assciation with Nassau, before a scholarship to UT-Austin.

I'm open to either replacing someone in the preliminary group for one or more Caribbean locals. Where would peopke who are post-graduates and/or on a tenure track in 1995 havemgotten their degrees and what are my most glaring omissions?

Originally Posted by Agemegos View Post
*]Scholars and scientists from the USA and other former colonial powers often made use of old collections and traditions relating to, and rich contacts in, former colonial territories to do fieldwork there or otherwise develop specific expertise.
I am assuming that all of the scientists and scholars in question have some experience or other connections with the Caribbean.

Originally Posted by Agemegos View Post
*]For observational work of a preliminary character, such as this, it is actually more useful to have detailed local knowledge than to have a prodigious intellect and a profound grasp of analytical principles. An amateur butterfly-collector who has seen several thousand Antillean clearwings and can tell at a glance that that is not one might be more useful than the world's leading expert on the evolution of the Lepidoptera. You want someone who knows what bugs and stuff in the Caribbean look like and do in the wild so that he can tell what is worth collecting for the experts.
Good point.

Shackleford is meant to have an extensive background in oceanographic fieldwork in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, Rolle is Caribbean-born and specializes in Caribbean anthropology and Marty White is an expert in French-derived Caribbean Creoles.

Sullivan has a military background from the 7th SFG (A), which means he's a Spanish-speaker and has extensive training and experience in Latin American cultures, even before his university days.

Wehmeyer mostly studies Texan oilfields and Gulf of Mexico or Caribbean petrochemical resources.

What are the most glaring lacunae in my preliminary write-up and what do I need to add?
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