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Default Munchkin Dungeon questions

Hi all,

I have a few questions about Munchkin Dungeons (questions are in bold/italic).

But first of all a bit of feedback: I think the rulebook is way too short and leaves many open questions at first reading. You really have to study it exactly to make the first game run.
For example we had a bit of discussion until we could fulfill the simple task to place the Monster Room and Empty Room cards on the board - yes, it is actually simple, but we did not see it first. And yes, it is explained on page 5 of the rules, but not in the "Setup" text on page 6, which we did follow.

Now for question 1: this is a general understanding question about how a turn works. I wrote only the parts which were not clear to me at first time - correct me if I am wrong with any of them.

A turn has these phases:
1) move down the dungeon (you can only move down, not upwards?!) as many rooms as you want - until you meet another player or a monster.
For each room, you collect the coin reward (upper left part of the card).

2) if you meet a monster or you stop in an empty room and the other players decide to move a monster there, you have to fight.

3) if there is no fight OR you win the fight OR you kill the monster but are killed in the same round by them, then loot the room:
-you get the treasures and fame stars according to the room level.
-if you defeated a room monster, you will get the reward as printed on the monster room symbol on the dungeon board.
Do you get the room monster reward also if the room monster was moved to another room using the "wandering monster" card?

After the end of the turn, the thread pool is cleared, as an Errata card in my edition states.

Question 2 is simpler:
Two players are in an empty room. In the "Get in trouble" phase, a room monster is moved in this room using the "wandering monster" card.
Who has to fight this monster? Only the current player or both players in the room?

Many thanks

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