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Default Starting Wealth cannot be changed when playing the Discworld RPG (and other issues)

Hello hello!

For context, I've never played a GURPS game before, but as a big fan of both TTRPGs and the Discworld book series.
Now, I can definitely see how someone might describe the GURPS system as overwhelming, but I'm exactly the type of nerd who can (and have) spend hours upon hours gleefully losing themselves in the soft embrace of character creation.
But with many Traits serving as modifiers to skills and the like, I decided to purchase the GCA software, lured in by the promise of a better automatic handling of such minutiae.

I have to say that although quite complex-looking at first, I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. This said, I have a few issues.

The first one is probably not an issue of the software, but rather with the Discworld RPG.gdf book included in the default.gds library.
Advantages that grant flight (i.e. the different flavors of Flight, as well as Swarm Body) seem to not give your character a bonus to the Air Move stat.
I guess I can figure out on my own how to manually correct that, but I thought I'd point it out, just in case it is useful.

The second probably is an issue with the software, unless I missed an option in a menu somewhere.
My character is a Vampire, and has the Alternate Form Advantage. I can implement that with Transforms, easily switching between Templates to apply the correct stats at any given time I wanna turn into a flock of bats.
However, even when disabled, the Flock of Bats Template is still counted towards my total point count, even though it really shouldn't - that's what the Alternate Form Advantage is here to track.
Ticking the Separate template costs box in Options/Program Options/Windows & Boxes only decouples the Templates and Advantages point counts, without affecting the point total.
As such, I find myself with an extra 23 points added to my point count, which I find pretty annoying.
Could there be an option to discard the point cost of Templates excluded from the current Transform?

Finally, by far the largest issue I have with the GCA software and the Discworld RPG.gdf book specifically is that of funds.
At TL 3 and Wealth 0, GCA imposes a Starting Wealth of $1000. However, in the Discworld book, to reflect the in-universe comparatively de-inflated currency, it is set at $50.
As far as I'm aware, all expenses described in the book correspond more or less to those in the "standard" GURPS book, but at a 1/20 scale. And this is reflected in the corresponding .gdf files.
For instance, an Axe from the Basic Set costs $50, while it costs $3 in the Discworld book.
However, the Starting Wealth to TL seems to be hardcoded in GCA, making it impossible to change. Worse still, it is not only used to compute the actual starting wealth, but also things like Monthly Pay and Cost of Living.
And I end up with a character having basically 20 times the purchasing power that they'd be supposed to have given their TL and Status...

Looking around, I have seen that last point being mentioned in a forum post from 2022. Has anything been changed in that regard? And is there a workaround that doesn't involve manually inflating every monetary cost from the Discworld RPG.gdf by 2000%?

Thanks in advance!
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