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Default Magical steampunk automatons.

A new player in my weird west game wanted to be a toymaker with little steampunk/clockwork robots that served him. We decided on them being magically animated because that fits the theme of the game a bit better, and in addition to some limited RPM abilities he bought an ally group of a half-dozen little bots. He's specified that one is a little mobile turret thing with a gun in, one flies and has a gun in, one is a little humanoid with locking arms and moving blades on the torso to grapple, wants one flying scout and one ground scout, and one unspecified that I'm going to think of something for.
I made some of them, but I figured I'd throw the idea out for the hive mind for commentary and suggestions on further bots. He commands them with telecommunication, limited to his bots only. The scout bots should probably have some version of it too, so they can report back.
The character is 200 points, and has paid for 25% of point value for the allies, making them a net 50 points.
Spoiler tags for length:
Bot Metatrait:[-53]

Turret bot:[50]

Sawbot: [50]
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