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Default Returning to GURPS

I played GURPS about fifteen years ago for a few years as a player and found the experience to be satisfying. Especially when things got weird. So I've picked up the 4th edition looking to start a GURPS game with my current group, who's gaming experience is limited (D&D 3.0 only). My knowledge is also pretty limited as I was just a player and relied on experienced friends to help me get through character creation and didn't really get heavily involved in the rules. Well no matter here we go. A few questions at this point soon to be others I'm sure.

1. Templates - I could see how these could help my group understand GURPS and get started with their characters. It would remind them very much of D&D and feel familiar I think. The problem with this is I want my players to feel the endless possibilities of GURPS which I think is the charm of the whole game. What have your experiences with templates been? When did they introduce templates I don't remember them from the 90s?

2. Monsters - where is the 4th edition Bestiaries books? Are they in the works? I'm happy to run a monster-light game if that is the publisher's intent, but that seems contradictory to the nature of GURPS.

3. Banestorm - This seems to be the fantasy setting for 4th edition, right? Any suggestions for a campaign hook set on Yrth?

4. Books - What should I start with? This always seems to be the hardest part of GURPS for me. I want to use them all at the same time (then it's like the super-complicated RIFTS). Any "must-haves" for a newbie?
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