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Default Dungeon Fantasize a Skill: Exorcism, Part 1

During a session I was running, I realized that the cleric of the team had the Exorcism skill and was fighting undead, but never got a chance to actually use the skill! I found that an excellent analog was Intimidation (as covered in DF10: Taverns, p.13), except only affecting magically-created undead creatures. As a holy effect, a success in Exorcism would shake and shudder a zombie, even though they're "Unfazeable" otherwise.

Succeeding a Quick Contest of Exorcism vs the undead's Will would cause the creature (or creatures, if Exorcising a group!) to take a punishing -2 to all attacks for as long as the Exorcist continues their chant.

The exact modifiers of the Exorcism as Intimidate are up for debate. I'm also calling this "part 1" since I have another idea to make Exorcism more front-and-center for dungeon crawls, but the idea is different enough to warrant its own discussion, I think.
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