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Default Marvel Munchkin

My question is about the specification of "in play." Certain cards like Black Panther, MODOK, Crossbones, and Super-Adaptoid have modifiers that are affected by what's "in play."

E.g. Super-Adaptoid gets "+1 for every ally and power in play." Well I played him against someone using wandering monster and assumed that he got +1 from each player's allies or powers but someone said it was only the players in combat. So my question is does it count for every ally and power or just those in combat?

Black Panther gets +3 if vibranium is in play. So does it matter whether or not I have vibranium in my own possession or can it be in someone else's backpack?
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Devin Lewis
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Default Re: Marvel Munchkin

In this case 'in play' means face up on the table. If it were specifically meaning what a single player had in play, it would specify.
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black panther, in play, marvel munchkin, modok

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