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Default Ayo Gorkhali!

Gurkha Close Combat Training
__________________________________________________ _____________________________________6 points

Here's my idea for what hand-to-hand training for Gurkhas in the British and Indian army might be like today. It is basically a combination of bayonet combat and commado-style sentry removal and hand-to-hand, with less emphasis on unarmed strikes and with the use of kukris added. The techniques for kukri use are simple, direct and effective, eschewing complicated maneuvers in favour of brutal, fear-inducing assault that both fosters and takes advantage of the high morale and espirit de corps that Gurkha regiments traditionally enjoy.

Serious stylists usually add the striking techniques that go with Karate or Brawling to the primary technique list, representing a practical kickboxing style with historical links with Bando and Lethwai, as well as TKD and some Northern Chinese and Tibetan styles. Those who learn just the basics might let a single point in Brawling suffice.

Obviously, the cinematic skills and techniques only apply in settings where ethnic cool soldiers can perform superhuman feats. There are a few techniques and perks from my houserules in there, but the substance should be clear.

Skills: Brawling or Karate; Knife; Judo; Spear; Stealth.
Techniques: Armed Aggressive Parry; Choke Hold (Judo); Close-Combat; Disarming (Judo); Neck Snap; Retain Weapon; Targeted Attack (Knife Swing/Neck).
Combinations: Judo Grapple Face + Knife Swing/Neck.
Cinematic Skills: Invisibility; Light Walk; Mental Strength; Power Blow.
Cinematic Techniques: Backbreaker; Binding.
Perks: Armor Familiarity (Judo); Evaluate Mastery; Focused Fury; Hold Evaluate; Off-Hand Weapon Training; Style Adaptation (Any military or modern style); Telegraphic Evaluate; Unusual Training (All-Out Grapple and Strike affects swing damage; only for kukri attacks against the neck from the rear).

Optional Traits

Attributes: Increased ST, DX and HT.
Secondary Characteristics: Improved Will.
Advantages: Combat Reflexes; Cultural Familiarity (Northern Indian?/Central Asian?/Southeast Asian?); Fearlessness; Fit or Very Fit; High Pain Threshold; Language (Nepali); Unfazable.
Disadvantages: Bloodlust; Code of Honour (Military); Overconfidence; Sense of Duty (Employer).
Skills: Axe/Mace; Fast-Draw; Shortsword; Soldier; Staff; Wrestling.
Techniques: Aggressive Parry; Elbow Strike; Hammer Fist; Head Butt; Knee Strike; Stamp Kick.
Perks: Improvised Weapon (Any); Power Grappling; Skill Adaptation (Brawling Techniques default to Karate).
Za uspiekh nashevo beznadiozhnovo diela!

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