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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)

Originally Posted by ak_aramis View Post
I have similar, but only for nobles who have been officers of the imperial services. (Remembering that there is no Imperial Army.)
No Army, eh?


The Imperial Army: based on Capital, but recruited from many worlds. The old military saying is that '' the Navy is the Emperor's broom, and the Army is his mop.'' The Army certainly did a lot of 'mopping up' in the Pacification Wars, and more recently on occupied worlds after the last round of Frontier Wars.
Occupation and suppression of rebellion are two of the main functions of the IA.

The IA is frequently supplemented with local auxilluaries.

IA detachments may be placed at the disposal of Imperial nobles.

Many very wealthy nobles, especially those who rule sectors, maintain household forces.

Planetary defense forces serve the member world governments. These forces run the gamut from 'medieval' gear to the most up-to-date equipment, and from gangs of armed thugs to highly trained professionals.

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