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Default The Contract

Hello Folks,

Below is a contract that two player characters had to avail for themselves as they entered into "The Black College". Simply stated, 7 students go in, 6 come out with their souls intact, the last one to leave loses theirs.

The contract was intended to be very specific in what the teachers will or will not allow, but was intended to put specifically leave loop holes so that an enterprising character (be it NPC or PC) might find those loopholes and use it to their advantage. I will post the contract in its entirety in the next post, but some definitions first:

Blood price: In GURPS Terminology, it means 1 hit point of damage. A superficial wound only deals 1 point of damage.

The ultimate goal of this "Game chapter" in my Fantasy Grounds Campaign, is to make the Black School a potential pit of vipers where the players have to get skills that will advance their goals in game play, but also help them survive their time in the College. All that someone has to do is come up with the notion "hey, let's tie someone up so they're the last ones out" and that is that right? Or is it? Having a priest who delivers sermons on Sundays will proach the topic of "is it murder to insure that someone ends in hell by your actions" and so forth. Anyone who does anything along those lines might be deemed to be even more guilty of the sin of Murder because they insured that the person went to hell rather than face the final day's judgment.

My NPC's will be built using the PENDRAGON concept of traits and characteristics. First you roll against the trait being tested, if that fails, roll against the trait that is its opposite. If that one succeeds, the NPC will do what the trait directs. If both fail, the GM (that's me) has to take what the character likely feels or even be indecisive in their behavior.

So - Kibbitz all you want. If the two players come across this - no worries. They get two weeks of real time to ponder this before 3/28 for the next game session. After that, it is time for the pit of vipers...
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Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Buffalo, New York
Default Re: The Contract

The Lone Monklike figure waves his hand and letters of shimmering molten fire apear...

The Contract: Upon entry, you agree that the contract between me and thee shall be met where you shall be taught in your own language, any topic that you shall choose. Classes in one topic shall not exceed three hours, nor be less than one hour in duration. Classes of 3 hrs shall be broken into two sessions with a break between. Maximum duration of any teaching will be 8 hours. Extracurricular actives are at your discretion.

This school is obligated to provide you with sustinence and sleeping quarters. The books within the Library are all available for personal reading, however, being only one copy within the library, shall only be available for reading by the first person to touch the book and be removed from the shelf. Upon ceasation of reading for a duration longer than 15 minutes, the book shall of its own, return to the shelf from whence it was taken. Damage to books constitutes a violation that is punishable by the staff of this school. Said punishment may be infliction of pain, loss of blood currency, or some other lesser punishment such as a short term curse. These punishments may last no longer than one day, and may not cause the loss of more than one day's training.

Purchase of goods or services may be paid for in blood from a superficial wound. Healing said wound by any means other than natural healing will void the purchase. Voided purchases shall be paid in blood after the school session is complete. If said blood debt shall result in the student's untimely demise - their soul shall be forfeit.

Murder on school grounds while the school is in session, will result in the automatic forfeiture of soul by the murderer, and the victim of the murder shall be resurrected free of charge. As recompense for the murder, the murderer shall become the personal servant of the victim until such a time as the victim's last day of life in their mortal coil.

Students must at all times, refrain from physical injurious attacks against each other, and all wounds inflicted upon a student by another, shall be inflicted instead, upon the perpetrator.

Attacks against teaching staff of the school shall be punished as the teacher sees fit, but said punishment shall not lead to death. Such punishments may include blindness, disfiguring, curses, or loss of an appendage.

Final day of school shall occur after 3 years have passed, although 1 year shall have passed in the mortal realm. On that day, after the chime of Noon, All constraints against student on student violence shall no longer be in effect - provided the student has crossed over the line of fire that shall lead either to the real world or to the vast treasures contained within the hoard.

Treasures: You may leave the School with what you can personally carry by any means possible. All books within the library of the School itself are exempt from the definition of "Hoard" and must be left alone for future students to study. Books already within the hoard are exampt from this restriction. Any deaths that occur within the grounds of the Hoard, shall not result in forfieture of soul - but will be dealt with as is willed by higher powers.

Studies and the power to cast spells: All spells that require enegy in excess of that which the student can personally provide - shall be provided by tools within the School. Upon the termination of school, said tools will be returned to the hoard. All magical items crafted by the student during their internship within this school, become property of the School and will be deposited within the Hoard on the last day of School.

Protections for the Students: All of the blood speint by the student on school grounds shall be destroyed to no harm of the student. All baneful spells such as curses and the like shall be nullfied during the time the school is in session, and shall be impossible to cast while on School grounds during the scholastic time period of three years. While still on school grounds after the noon bell has struck on the final day, students shall be safe from any curses cast upon them or any baneful spell. Baneful spells are defined as those that inflict damage to the student's body.

Possesion by demonic entities: During school, absent an attack upon a staff teacher, all students shall be safe from any demonic possession. Absent any direct confrontation with a demon, all students shall be safe from demonic possession.

Forbidden actions: while in the school, the use of holy symbols or mention of names of deities shall be forbidden - punishable with extreme pain. This is an exception to the contractual obligation to provide 8 hours of instruction within a day, for five days per week. You have been warned.

An on site priest shall be made available on Sundays should the students require one. It is understood, that the signing of this contract is not injurious to the standing of one's soul save for the last person to leave the school as agreed.

Signatory to this agreement requires blood from a superficial wound. It is binding upon the Teaching staff of the school and the student.
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