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Default Re: More Gun Help Please? The H&K P7M13

About the Bulk issue -- the P7M8, size-wise, sits exactly between the Glock 17 (clearly Bulk -2) and the Walther PPK (clearly Bulk -1). And I mean exactly. I have all three right before me in this very moment. Again, to my mind the P7M8 feels "handier" and better to carry, mostly because of its balance and slim built. The P7M13 doesn't, it is heavier overall and has bulkier dimensions. Hence, while the P7M8 can get away with being Bulk -1, the P7M13 can't. I note that quite a few of the weapon's earlier users agreed with me, labelling it the ideal carry gun of the 1980s. Today, of course, it is overweight in the face of your Glock 26s etc.

As to the Cult of the .45 (Tactical Shooting, p. 5), that predates Herr Cooper considerably. It dates at least to the 1920s, if not much earlier (via the Colt SAA). There are tons of early anecdotes that claim being hit by a .45 will knock you down etc.

As to "your" video, are you (The Warlord) saying that you are The Chieftain? That would be awesome ;) Or do you mean you just happened to know about a video that argued your point?


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