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Default Checkered Past Disadvantage

This is a fun disadvantage I ripped off from Prince Charon in this post and reworked to be more generic.

Essentially, it allows the GM to assign an inconvenient Quirk when the trait makes its appearance. While the focus is on social quirks, they could just as easily be mental, physical, or supernatural, representing random minor ailments due to chronic disease or trivial supernatural problems.

Checkered Past
-5 points*

You have a past history of misbehavior which occasionally catches up with you.

When you buy this disadvantage, you must briefly describe the nature of your past misdeeds (e.g., “Misspent Youth,” “Reformed Criminal”) and choose a Frequency of Appearance as you would for an Enemy.

At the beginning of each play session, the GM should roll 3d against the Frequency of Appearance to see if your Checkered Past comes back to haunt you. If it does, he can invent a suitable Quirk based on your past which is applicable to your current situation and hinders your ability to function during the adventure. This might be an otherwise forgotten bad Reputation, a disreputable “friend” who is more trouble that he’s worth, an old Enemy who decides to attack you one last time, a Debt or Favor you can no longer avoid, a temporary Involuntary Duty, a recurrence of an otherwise dormant disease, or anything else the GM can imagine.

If you deal with the problem during play the Quirk goes away at the end of the game session. Otherwise, it persists until you successfully address it. The GM should keep track of temporary Quirks which emerge due to your Checked Past and permanent Quirks which are part of your character sheet. With the GM’s permission, you may replace an existing Quirk with an otherwise temporary Quirk which appears as a result of this trait.

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