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Default Re: [Supers] GURPS Unofficial Handbook to the Marvel Universe, Reboot Edition


Also known as "Monkey Kung-Fu", Tai Shing Pek Kwar is a hybrid style, internal and external at the same time, as focused on the spiritual as it is the physical. The style's physical components involve using all four limbs in imitation of Asian monkeys; the spiritual focused on the centering of one's chi for greater clarity and communing with spirits.

The origins of the style are shrouded in mystery, though its few practitioners were fairly widespread throughout China, the Indochina peninsula, Korea, the Malay archipelago, and Japan (oddly enough, Japanese practitioners refer to it using the Chinese name). Legend holds that masters of Tai Shing Pek Kwar could unlock what is known as "Mystical Monkey Power" through an alignment of four jade monkey statues; at present, all known statues have been destroyed, but others may still exist. Officially, only two people in modern times have been exposed to Mystical Monkey Power: Lord Monty Fiske and Ron Stoppable; unknown to most, Ron's pet naked mole rat, Rufus, was also exposed to the Power (see Monkey Fist; Rufus; Stoppable, Ron). The exact nature of Mystical Monkey Power is unknown; it has been likened to Cytorrak's empowerment of the Juggernaut (see Juggernaut). Whether the Mystical Monkey Power has any connection to the Hindu monkey god Hanuman or the literary Chinese trickster Monkey King, if such a being exists in the Celestial Hierarchy, is also unknown.

Monkey Kung-Fu stylists fight with all four limbs, alternating between punches and kicks when on the offensive, and parrying with both hands and feet as the situation calls for. Those who favor offense maintain a series of Attacks and Committed Attacks, with Feints and Deceptive Attacks to confuse enemies' defenses, saving All-Out Attacks for when their opponents won't be able to strike back afterward. Those who favor defense use Defensive Attacks, Waits, Evaluates, and All-Out Defense to bide their time before striking with an Attack or Committed Attack; defensive stylists never All-Out Attack, even when the odds are in their favor.

Tai Shing Pek Kwar is known to have one sub-style, referred to as "Drunken Monkey". Unlike most other "drunken" styles, Drunken Monkey does not require copious amounts of alcohol to be consumed, though Drunken Monkey practitioners who engage in libation are not unknown.

6 points
Skills: Acrobatics; Judo; Karate; Meditation; Philosophy (Buddhism).
Techniques: Acrobatic Stand (Acrobatics); Arm Lock (Judo); Back Kick (Karate); Breakfall (Acrobatics or Judo); Counterattack (Judo or Karate); Ear Clap (Karate); Evade (Acrobatics or Judo); Exotic Hand Strike (Karate); Ground Fighting (Judo or Karate); Jump Kick (Karate); Kicking (Karate); Leg Grapple (Judo); Leg Lock (Judo); Low Fighting (Judo or Karate); Spinning Kick (Karate); Spinning Punch (Karate); Sweep (Judo or Karate); Trip; Wrist Lock.
Cinematic Skills: Body Control; Breaking Blow; Flying Leap; Kiai; Light Walk; Lizard Climb; Power Blow.
Cinematic Techniques: Dual-Weapon Defense (Judo or Karate); Fighting While Seated (Judo or Karate); Flying Jump Kick (Karate); Hand Catch (Judo); Hand-Clap Parry (Judo or Karate); Whirlwind Attack (Karate).
Perks: Chi Resistance; Ground Guard; Style Adaptation (any other "Kung-Fu" style); Sure-Footed (Uneven).

Optional Traits
Advantages: Animal Empathy; Blessed (Heroic Feats); Brachiator; Enhanced Parry (Unarmed); Extra Arms (Foot Manipulators, -30%; Temporary Disadvantage: Ham-Fisted, -5% or -10%); Extra Attack; Fit; Flexibility or Double-Jointed; High Manual Dexterity.
Skills: Climbing; Jumping; most weapon skills.

Drunken Monkey (additional traits)
Advantages: Daredevil; Luck; Super Luck.
Perks: Alcohol Tolerance; Drunken Fighting;
Disadvantages: Alcoholism; Fearfulness; Klutz or Total Klutz; Reputation (for Buffoonery; Small Group: Other Monkey Kung-Fu Practitioners) -2
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