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Default Last Gasp FP recovery - lack of sleep, starving, and dehydration.

How about recovering FP lost from one of this condition?

Someone who reached Deep Fatigue treshold. For example human ST 10 and 10 FP, who wasn't sleep last 4 nights. Lost 12 FP, so he's at level -2 FP.

Original rules: sleeping 8h (1 FP recovered) and extra 11h (rcovery 1 FP per extra hour of sleep).

How this will be with Last Gasp rules? He need normally 74h (2x12=24h from Deep Fatigue + 40h from Severe Fatigue + 10h to recover fully) of rest to recovery from level -2 FP. But how tracking this? Counting only sleeped hours? I don't think so... Original rules maybe?
And starvation. Deep bottom of Deep Fatigue. -1xFP. For ordinary human this is -10 FP, because of lost 20 FP (1 week of complete starvation WITHOUT dehydration = 21 FP lost, but limit is -1xFP. I don't mention this is also first occasion to death from starvation - too fast, I'd say).

Original rules: 7 days of eating and resting and you can forget about this.

Last Gasp: 10 days of eating and resting, and you will be at merely 0 FP...

Does Last Gasp was make with assumption like "there are rules only for FP lost because of effort - starvation, dehydration, missed sleep, and FP lost from other sources than activation FP-eating abilities or physical effort, should absolutely using basic rules"?
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fatigue points, last gasp, painful recovery, sleep, starvation

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