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Default [DF] New Race: Wolf-Folk

Hi guys

Along the lines of the Cat-Folk racial template from DF3:5 I've created the following template for Wolf-Folk and would like to get your input.

Wolf-Folk [40]

Attribute Modifier:
DX +1 [20]

Secondary Characteristic Modifiers:
Per +1 [5]

Acute Hearing 1 [2]
Acute Taste and Smell 2 [4]
Claws (Blunt) [3]
Discriminatory Smell [15]
Fur [1]
Night Vision 5 [5]
Striking ST 2 (Bite Only, -60%) [4]
Teeth (Sharp) [1]
Odious Racial Habit (Smell Genitalia) [-10]
Social Stigma (Savage)	[-10]

Speak with Animals (Specialized, Canines, -60%) [10]
Penetrating Voice	[1]
Temperature Tolerance 1-3 [1/level]
Terror (A chilling howl, anyone who hears you) [30]
What do you think? I am especially unsure about the disadvantage and wheter they might not be too similar to warrant -20 from both. Maybe Bad Temper (12 or less) for [-10] should replace Social Stigma?

Any input is welcome!



Edit: I aim for a [40] Template, if that was unclear.

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