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Default Ally groups: Modular Abilities

I would like to create a character sheet for a vampire who has dominated an entire village of peasents. The size of the village is somewhere between 10 and 50, so representing them as an ally group seems like the perfect way to do it. I would also like the vampire to be able to call up individual people who have village skills (The village blacksmith, the local farming expert, ect) and ask them questions, set them on tasks, ect.

I was thinking about representing this as an ally group (25% or less, 21-50, 12 or less) [40], and for the ally sheet giving them some form of modular ability with some limitations to reflect that even though they are all villagers and share stats and some skills, they have a few skills they are professionals in (skill 12-14).

Does this approach seem correct, and what sort of limitations should I apply to the modular ability?
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Default Re: Ally groups: Modular Abilities

The modular ability definitely isn't right.
1 - you shouldn't get 50 blacksmiths all at once out of a town of 50
2 - modular abilities are configurable - the "blacksmith" can turn into a tailor can turn into a farmer by reconfiguring his Modular Ability.

Sounds like what would work better is several Contacts as alternate abilities to the Ally Group, or the vampire having a modular ability for contacts only, as an AA of Ally Group.
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ally group, limitations, modular ability

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