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Default [Martial Arts] Spetsial'nyy Armeyskiy Rukopashnyy Boy (Systema Kadochnikova) writeup

I've been fascinated by Systema Kadochnikova ever since I found YouTube videos of it in the mid-00s, and I finally managed to acquire and translate parts of the book A.A. Kadochnikov wrote about it. This made me want to write it up as a GURPS Martial Art style:

Spetsial'nyy Armeyskiy Rukopashnyy Boy (SARB)
5 points

The Special Army Hand-to-Hand Combat System (SARB) was a style of Soviet combative developed and taught by Alexey Alexeevich Kadochnikov. It is also known as Systema Kadochnikova. Kadochnikov developed the style in 1962 for the KGB, drawing on existing Soviet combatives and judo. The style emphasises a ‘scientific’ approach based on biomechanical principles, ergonomics, man-machine interactions, and a heavy focus on leverage and pivots, which are used in a variety of takedowns and sweeps.

In combat the style teaches that the fight should be won standing up, bringing the enemy to the ground and finishing him off. Kadochnikov teaches the importance of avoiding repetition and predictable movements: even simple movement should be mixed up with somersaults to keep the enemy off guard. Attacks should be sudden and unexpected.

Stylists should make liberal use of Feints (typically breaks in rhythm and other surprise or unexpected attacks), Deceptive Attack, and Acrobatic Movement options like Evading, Tumbling, and Vaulting and Diving (p. MA105-107). While the style teaches aggression, many of its techniques are responsive to enemy attack and stylists should use Ripostes and Counterattacks to draw opponents into a takedown, Sweep, or Judo Throw. Once the ground, the enemy can be finished with Stamp Kicks or strikes to the head and joints. The largest body of techniques in SARB deal with grabbing an opponent’s wrist and twisting it so the opponent falls: use Wrestling Grapple/Arm or Wrist into a Wrestling Takedown. Against armed foes, the enemy weapon is often used as a lever to force the opponent to the ground: Judo or Wrestling Grab/Weapon into a Wrestling Takedown or Judo Throw.

Cinematic stylists should be able to use even more fantastic disarms and leverage disproportionate strength in takedowns because of their ‘scientific’ knowledge. In a cinematic game, stylists taught by A.A. Kadochnikov himself should qualify for Trained By A Master.

Skills: Acrobatics; Judo; Karate; Wrestling
Techniques: Acrobatic Stand; Arm/Wrist Lock, Breakfall; Counterattack (Judo/Wrestling Grapple); Disarm; Evade (Acrobatics); Feint; Judo Throw; Push Kick; Stamp Kick, Sweep; Targeted Attack (Judo or Wrestling Grapple/Wrist or Grab/Weapon); Targeted Attack (Karate/Jaw, Skull, Joints, Nose, or Vitals)
Cinematic Techniques: Grand Disarm; Hand Catch; Roll With Blow;
Perks: Armor Familiarity, Improvised Weapons; Power Grappling; Special Setup (Targeted Attack (Judo/Wrestling Grab/Weapon) -> Judo Throw or Judo/Wrestling Takedown), Style Adaption (sambo); Teamwork;

Optional Traits
Advantages: Combat Reflexes; Fit/Very Fit; Extra FP; Wild Talent (Focused, Martial Arts)
Disadvantages: Duty;
Skills: Knife; Guns (Pistol, Rifle or SMG); Spear; Staff;
Techniques: Targeted Attack (Knife/Jaw, Skull, Joints, Nose, Veins and Arteries, or Vitals); Sweep (Staff or Spear);

EDIT: The style is somewhat controversial and many fraudulent versions of the style are known to exist. According to some, the entire style is fraudulent. Based on an assessment of rumours and hearsay found online, I personally don't particularly believe that Kadochnikov's style is fraudulent, but it is extremely likely that someone attempting to learn this style in the modern day will find many fraudulent versions before they find something real. This makes the "trained by a fraud" lens likely for most stylists.

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Default Re: [Martial Arts] Spetsial'nyy Armeyskiy Rukopashnyy Boy (Systema Kadochnikova) writ

Good write-up of an obscure style. I added a couple of tags (style, styles) to make it easier to find with a forum search.

Given the style's origin, the following optional disadvantages might be appropriate:

Disadvantages: Code of Honor (Military); Duty (Russian Intelligence or Military Service); Fanaticism (Communism or Patriotism (Russia)); Sense of Duty.

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martial arts, spetsnaz, style, styles, systema kadochnikova

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