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Default Re: Let's identify niches! Places to start Transhuman Space Campaigns

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Default Re: Let's identify niches! Places to start Transhuman Space Campaigns

"Spam reported" is long enough. Spam gets found faster if you report the spam post, with the /!\ icon.
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Default Re: Let's identify niches! Places to start Transhuman Space Campaigns

I started the following, using an adapted version of David Pulver adventure "Rebirth" as the starting adventure/mission.

Title: Darkangel Investigations

Player Characters:
Characters are all agents working for 'Darkangel Investigations', a high end trouble shooting, security, and private investigations firm, head quartered on Islandia in the L4 Earth-Luna Lagrange point. Darkangel agents are recruited from a background in private investigation, under cover police work, intelligence, counter-intelligence, or special operations. Darkangel provides its agents with the usual range of ultra-tech spy/thief gadgets as well as weapons. Carry permits for normal police issue weapons will be provided, and access to “SWAT” level weapons is possible, but not pure military weapons. Characters will need to have a good way to smuggle any “SWAT” level weapons past customs. Sample characters that can be modified will be provided.

Mission Statement:
Darkangel’s activities include corporate counter-espionage and counter-sabotage, body guarding, locating missing persons or objects, and the rescue of hostages and kidnap victims; NO industrial espionage or assassination. For the first mission, PCs are sent to recover stolen advance prototype stabilized metallic hydrogen rocket engine modules.

GM Notes:
This combines the THS and Action! series.

The first mission adventure leads to Mars (domed city), underground facility on the martian moon, a space station, and a spacecraft. The Engine Modules are being "bought" by a Rogue AI/AKV, using some "liberated" Triad bioweapons taken from a smuggler ship to pay for it.

Second mission I had planned was in an underground facility on Luna. Was adapting something from an old Magnum PI TV show episode.

Third mission I had planned was undersea on earth, and was using a Clive Cussler novel as a starting point.

Future missions would take the PCs around the solar system.
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Default Re: Let's identify niches! Places to start Transhuman Space Campaigns

Originally Posted by tshiggins View Post
I thought of one in which characters played experimental uplifted raccoons who escape from a bio-research lab, conducting some work on behalf of a corporate client interested in making new companions for all sorts of human support markets.

I went with a breakthrough in intelligence that boosted them to human average (IQ 10), instead of the borderline IQ 5-8, which the sponsoring corporation considered a negative development. That had triggered some debate amongst the researchers about what to do with the, "Nova-coon" uplifts.

The PCs would play nova-coon uplifts who learn of the debate, and realize they need to take their fate into their own (quite dexterous) hands, escape the lab with as many of their companions as possible, and try to remain hidden while they find a haven.

It's very much derived from the original book, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH,, but not so much from the Disney version.

I never got much further than just the premise, though.
I ran the following as a Convention game back in 2016 ...

Game Title: Transhuman Space: The Escape – Over the Hedge
Brief Teaser:
The Transhuman Space setting is a hard science (no known physical laws are broken) setting with genetic engineering (human genetic upgrades, transgenic parahumans, and biogenesis formed bioroids (biological androids, assembled from cloned tissues)), nanotechnology manufacturing, cybernetic implants, biological to digital interfaces, artificial intelligences, and digital consciousness (there is NO Faster-Than-Light travel, reactionless drives, psionics, or aliens). The date is June 30, 2100.

Your characters are prototype state-of-the-art bioroids being developed by a secret organization for surveillance, sabotage, and assassination. You have enhanced physical and mental attributes, cybernetic implants, and advanced training in surveillance, infiltration, demolitions, and combat. But your batch has been scheduled to be tested to destruction, to plan the next generation bioroids, starting next week. You have a long four day holiday weekend to develop and execute a plan to escape your fate. Can you do it?

Did I mention your bioroid forms are that of small woodland mammals: raccoons, possums, armadillos, hedgehogs, weasels, flying-squirrels, skunks, porcupines, and otters?
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Default Re: Let's identify niches! Places to start Transhuman Space Campaigns

I am very tempted to run that at Balticon. Do you have it written up?
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Default Re: Let's identify niches! Places to start Transhuman Space Campaigns

Did he have it written up?
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