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Default Re: Alien Disadvantages

Originally Posted by Not another shrubbery View Post

If you mean "Do they count against the disadvantage total", no. See p452, under Racial Advantages and Disadvantages.
Originally Posted by whswhs View Post

That's why the GM has to approve of the alien race templates before anyone can use them.
These two replies sum up the "official word" on racial traits. Published GURPS assumes that the GM creates the campaign's racial templates, and that negative-cost traits on those templates do not count against the campaign's disadvantage limit (if any). To quote:
  • Creating Templates (p. B445): "The GM is responsible for establishing which professional, social, and racial origins are (and aren't) appropriate for PCs [...] This section gives rules for template design, and is intended for GMs."
  • Player-Created Races (p. B451): "It is the GM's job to design the racial templates for his campaign."
  • Disadvantage Limit (p. B11): "Disadvantages that are part of your racial makeup (your 'racial template'; see p. 260) are also exempt."
  • Racial Advatanges and Disadvantages (p. B452): "Note that racial disadvantages do not count against the campaign disadvantage limit (see Disadvantage Limit, p. 11). This limit applies only to personal disadvantages."
The GM has every right to give up the monopoly on template creation and to count racial traits against limits ("In any question of rules, the GM's word is law," p. B492), but neither is recommended as anything less than an advanced option.
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Default Re: Alien Disadvantages

Originally Posted by Flyndaran View Post
I would imagine in all but the most species crowded campaigns, the GM would have already made all the available playable ones. At least in general idea if not fully character statted.

I might not allow any non-humans at all.

I might also allow players to make their own new sapient species.

It really depends on what I wished to run.
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