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Default Talent/Spell of the Week: Ward

This IQ 10 Special spell allows a wizard to have a sorcerous early warning system, since any entity which passes through a warded area triggers the spell to alert the wizard that the area has been breached and whether or not the intruder has ill intent. Ward is perfect for wizards who hate taking watch, since it will wake them from sleep. Costing only 2 ST, Ward offers protection for a full day, but its effectiveness is diminished by the fact that the caster must stay within 15 hexes (a mere 60 feet) of the enchanted area at all times. How large an area Ward affects is undefined, but the wording of the spell suggests that it is probably a single hex[EDIT: Nope! 3 hexes]. This small area makes it less ideal for use out in the wilderness where a camp perimeter must be under surveillance--even at 2 ST per hex, it would be impractical to Ward even a megahex's perimeter.

Many NPCs in my games over the years have learned Ward, and they've put it to good use to add wrinkles to adventures. But, if memory serves, only a single PC in games I've GMed has taken it, and only a few of the wizards I've ever played bothered to learn this spell.

Conversation Starters
  • How often do you see players taking Ward in your games as compared to NPCs?
  • If Ward is a rarity among PCs in your game, why do you think players pass it over?
  • Do you have any memorable instances of Ward being utilized?
  • What are some unorthodox ways Ward might be exploited?
  • Are there any other spells which combine especially well with Ward?
  • How might you tweak Ward to make it fit your games better?
  • What might a higher IQ, more powerful version of Ward look like?
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Anthony Shostak

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