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Default Re: [MH] Underground Fights in a Tourist Resort in the Caribbean?

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
Illegality is in the eye of the beholder. Bribes can shut down political and law enforcement investigations quite easily outside the developed world, and most people are willing to sell themselves for very little. As for tracing the money, that only works if someone has jurisdiction within the nation where the money transfers are occurring.
Actually, while jurisdictional issues can slow financial investigations, in the modern world, they don't stop them. Plenty of people whho've never actually stepped foot in the US to commit a crime there have had assets frozen or made part of RICO cases.

Not to mention that whoever is behind this fears that banking confidentiality regulations won't actually prevent potential enemies from accessing banking records, once they find some to access. After all, not all analysts work for law enforcement agencies or worry about warrants and bribes or coercion can serve to open up servers just as well.

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
When you are talking about an illegal bloodsport operation, there are multiple streams of revenue. First, the ticket sales themselves. Second, the Internet streaming on the dark web. Third, the hotel accommodations. Fourth, the prostitution. Fifth, the drugs. Sixth, blackmailing clients who kill the prostitutes. If you have expenses of $4 million per week, you only need 1,000 visitors spending $5,000 a week on tickets, accommodations, prostitution, and drugs to make a 25% profit, which is a quite modest expense for the wealthiest 0.1% (around 2,500,000 households globally, most from the developing world). Any money that you make from streaming and blackmail is just a cherry on top.
While the operation hopefully doesn't actually lose money, no one would ever do this simply for profit. The risk-to-reward ratio is ridiculous, compared to either legal investment or financing drug importation into Western countries.

The only reasons to do something like this is if you're a villain in a cheesy movie or there is something supernatural going on. Real crime is much less elaborate or interesting than this.

Also, you are not going to find a thousand people a week that are prepared to risk the potential PR and legal fallout of being an accessory to murder, let alone over fifty thousand people a year that would be remotely trustworthy to be discreet about this. Try one or two orders of magnitude less.

However, no one there is spending money merely by the thousands. The exclusive clientele should be of a kind that makes bets in the hundreds of thousands and millions per fight.
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