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Default Imbuement - Single Weapon-Skill Limitation on Imbue

Power-Ups1: Imbuements suggest a special limitation Limited Skill Access limiting the possibles imbuements to 1-5 with -80% to -20% cost modifiers. This explicitly allows
Originally Posted by Special Limitations PU1:4
each of which you can still buy for multiple weapon skills
Of course I could easily include the "Single Skill -20%" limitation defined for Extra Attack in Powers P49 and apply it here. Or something similar like this for instance:
Originally Posted by Kelly Pedersen View Post
Limiting Imbue to only improving a specific category of weapons or armor is also valid, though you have to make sure that's actually a limitation: "Broadsword only" is probably worth -50% or so on Imbue, because lots of other imbuement skills would default to Broadsword, which would be cut off by this, whereas "Whip only" might be worth only -30% or so, since very few things default to Whip.
But before I do this, I want to understand the (possible) reasoning behind the decision not to include this in the original Power-Ups writeup.

Why wasn't a limitation to a single weapon skill (allowing all imbuement skills to be used on one specific weapon type) included?
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