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Default I have a query about imbuements. Of the Defensive kind.

All right. My question is about the energizing defense imbuement.

My first question, is at what point do you pay the FP cost for the ability? Do you pay it the first time you use it to absorb, or when you decide to use the stored points?

My second question. Can you use this on a weapon if you were to buy the skill as a melee weapon skill. And then use it of a parry, much the same as a shield? I think pyramid 3-36 Dungeon fantasy, page 24 says something about it on the bottom right. But I don't know if I'm interpreting it right. I'd like a concrete yes or no. And explination from someone whose played longer than I have.

My third question. How does the buying abilities work? Say for instance you had the skill at lvl 20. And you absorbed 20 points form some form of damage. And you wanted to buy your ST up a level. You would roll at 18, and spend 10 pts. They fall off at a rate of a point a second. At what point do you lose the +1 ST? Is it after the full 10 points fade away, eg 10 seconds from activating it? Or is it when it ticks down from 10 to 9? Just under the 10 required?

If some kind souls would like to give me some examples I'd greatly appreciate it.
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