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Default Re: Martial Arts Questions from a Newbie

Originally Posted by vierasmarius View Post
The problem is that Rapid Strike and Dual Weapon Attack are mutually exclusive. DWA is basically a specific case of Rapid Strike, limited to two attacks only, but with a lower penalty because it uses both hands. Even if you improve DWA to full skill, you still can't combine it with Rapid Strike. If he wants to make 6 separate attacks in one second, they will be at -30 each (halved for Weapon Master).

For more about multiple attacks, see MA126. In your turn, you can choose one of Rapid Strike, Combination, or Dual Weapon Attack, adding any attacks from All-Out Attack or the Extra Attacks advantage. For example, a character with Extra Attacks 1 will normally have 2 attacks per second. He can take DWA or Rapid Strike to "split" only one of his attacks; Rapid Strike 3 gives him 5 attacks total, 1 at full skill and 4 at -18. Making it an All-Out (Double) gives him an extra attack at full skill, for 2 at full skill and 4 at -18.
Excuse me if i insist but in MA120-121 you can read :

"[...]but a fighter holding multiple small weapons ready in each hand can throw them all! All attacks with one hand are a single Rapid Strike, with an extra -4 for Dual-Weapon Attack and a further -4 for attacks with the “off” hand.
For instance, if our ninja had four shuriken in his right hand and two in his left, he could make two Rapid Strikes. His right-hand attacks would be at -18 for Rapid Strike and -4 for Dual-Weapon Attack: -22. His left-hand throws would have -6 for Rapid Strike, -4 for Dual-Weapon Attack, and -4 for using the off hand: -14."

From this paragraph i understand that is possible to use DWA and Rapid Strike together.
You seem very competent and what you wrote in the last post and what i've read from MA confuse me, thanks again if you may give an answer.

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