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Default Pregen Characters for Caravan to Ein Arris

I am wishing to build up a large selection of pregenerated characters for Caravan to Ein Arris. Its the classic starter adventure and I'm thinking of running a one nighter demo at my FLGS, and I think a collection of characters for it would be good. If anyone of you have run Ein Arris and have characters you wouldn't mind sharing, I would greatly appreciate you putting them in this thread. Point totals don't matter as long as you as a player or GM would play them in Ein Arris (The reccomended total is 125, I've heard people suggest 150 as well). I will also be putting up characters of my own : those at least you should feel free to critique.

Alternatively, if you can point me to a solid resource, that would be nice as well.
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Default Re: Pregen Characters for Caravan to Ein Arris

1. Any special types you are looking for?
2. Are you using all the books or just the Basi Sets? Do you use Magic or just spells from BS?
3. 125 points Disads and quirks?
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simply Nathan
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Default Re: Pregen Characters for Caravan to Ein Arris

Thugsley [125]

ST 15 [50]
DX 11 [20]
IQ 10
HT 13[30]

Combat Reflexes[15], High Pain Threshold[10], Signature Gear(Fine Axe)[1]

Honesty 12[-10]; Sense of Duty(Adventuring Companions)[-5]; Pacifism(Cannot Harm Innocents)[-10]

Compulsion to make axe-related puns at every opportunity [-1]

Axe/Mace (DX+3)[12]-14
Shield (DX+1)[2]-12
Thrown Weapon(Axe/Mace) (DX+3)[8]-14
Brawling (DX+2)[4]-13
Wrestling (DX)[2]-11
Survival (Desert) (Per)[2]-10

Active Defenses:
Dodge 10/12, Block 12, Axe Parry 11/13, Brawling Parry 10/12

Punch (1d+1 cr, Reach C)
Fine Axe (2d+4 cut, Reach 1, Parry 0U, $500[signature gear], 4 lbs)
Medium Shield (1d+1 cr, Reach C, DB+2, $60, 15 lbs)
Leather Armor (Worn, Torso) (DR 2, $100, 10 lbs)
Legionary Helmet (Worn, Head) (DR 4, $150, 6 lbs)
Bandoleer (Worn, Torso) ($60, 1 lb)
- Hatchet (2d+1 cut, Reach 1, Parry 0U, Acc 1, Range 22/36, Bulk -2, $40, 2 lbs) x3 = $120, 6 lbs

Basic Lift (45)
Total weight worn: 42 (No Encumbrance)
Total money spent: $490

Non-combat gear:
Large Backpack ($100, 10 lbs)
- Personal Basics($5, neg)
- 1-Man Tent ($50, 5 lbs)
- Waterskin ($10, 4.25 lbs) [filled to half capacity]
- Traveler's Rations, 60 ($120, 30 lbs)
- Spare Hatchets ($40, 2 lbs) x5 ($200, 10 lbs)

Total weight of backpack and contents: 59.25
Total price of backpack and contents: $485

Total weight when wearing backpack: 101.25 (Medium Encumbrance; can add roughly 34 lbs more stuff before crossing to next threshold, backpack can hold roughly 50 lbs more stuff)

Money unspent: $15
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Default Re: Pregen Characters for Caravan to Ein Arris

This was the character I played for Caravan...

Keffer Latroy 125 points

Age: 52 Height: 6’ Weight: 450 lbs.
Appearance: Hugely fat, bald, with a ruddy, freckled, friendly face and many old-looking, stretched out tattoos

Attributes 107
[50] ST 15 1d+1/2d+1 BL 45
[20] DX 11
[40] IQ 12 [0] Will 12 [0] Per 12 (Vision 13)
[10] HT 11 [-3] FP 10
[-10] Speed 5 [0] Move 5

DR 2, legs 1, groin 3, skull 4 DB 3
Dodge 8 Parry 9 Block 9

Advantages 33
[2] Acute Vision 1
[15] Empathy
[5] Rapier Wit
[10] Voice
[1] Cultural Familiarity: Mashanda

Disadvantages -65
[-15] Bad Back (Mild) (make HT roll after a ST check or critically failed attack/defense; failure means -3 to DX until you get help, -3 IQ for 1 sec.)
[-15] Charitable
[-10] Gregarious
[-5] Gluttony
[-5] Sense of Duty: Friends
[-5] Stubbornness
[-5] Very Fat (-3 to Disguise or Shadowing, armor costs more)
[-1] tells war stories
[-1] chivalrous
[-1] laments loss of business
[-1] superstitious
[-1] refers to his “big bones,” “camel humps,” “love handles,” “food storage system,” etc.

Axe 13 [2d+3 cut]
Shield Bash 12 [1d+1 cr]
Punch 13 [1d+1 cr] Kick 11 [1d+3 cr]

Thrown Axe 13 [2d+3 cut]

Languages 4
[0] Lantrai (Native)
[4] Shandassa (Accented)

Skills 46
2 Animal Handling (camel) 12
8 Axe/Mace 13
4 Brawling 13
4 Cooking 14
4 Detect Lies 15
2 Diplomacy 13
2 Fast-Talk 14
1 First-Aid 12
2 Merchant 12
4 Public Speaking 15
2 Psychology 14
2 Riding (camel) 11
2 Shield 12
1 Scrounging 12
2 Singing 14
4 Thrown Weapon: Axe/Mace 13

$ lbs.
120 Throwing Axes (2) 8

120 Leather Armor 10
48 Leather Pants 3
60 Heavy Leather Sleeves 2
24 Leather Helm 0.5
36 Leather Gloves --
96 Boots 3

120 Kite Shield (LT 116) 18

624 44.5

Thirty years ago, Keffer Latroy was a simple young laborer. His physical strength was noticed (he was in better shape at the time), so he was drafted into the army and sent off to fight in border disputes along the border with Mashanda. He returned with a few scars and a lot of stories, and he opened a bar—mostly so that he would always have an audience—got married and had two children. In the years since, his wife has left him for a nobleman, taking the kids with her, and his bar has continually lost money (probably because Keffer gives free drinks to anyone he knows personally). In the end, he was forced to sell the bar. He has decided to find work as a caravan cook, hoping this will be an opportunity to make some money and meet interesting people!

EDIT: When I made this character we were just making the switch to 4e and didn't realize yet that lowered attributes count toward the disadvantage total. If I were to make the character today I would drop Rapier Wit (which is completely game-breaking) and maybe drop a point of ST or something to pay off the lowered attributes.

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