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Old 08-06-2012, 04:31 PM   #1
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Default [DF] Swashbuckler and interupted sheer speed prep

Simple question...

Sheer Speed (Power Blow) renders the Power Blow DX based...

In the preparation rounds, if the Swashbuckler is interrupted, because he has to defend, does he roll against:
A) Will-3 (Which makes the skill almost useless once in the fray); or,
B) DX-3 (Since this is now a DX based skill and not a intelligence / concentration based skill)?

Opinions are welcome.

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Default Re: [DF] Swashbuckler and interupted sheer speed prep

it Still a Concentration Maneuver, that part remains Will based.
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concentrate, defence, power blow, sheer speed, swashbuckler

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