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Default Mageborn are like Coins - Worldbuilding TL 3

Hello Folks,
Although this could be considered a topic better suited for the GURPS rules forum or even perhaps the Play by Post forum, I though I'd bring it up here to see if there were sufficient people interested in a world building exercise for a region containing 10 villages with an average of about 250 people (give or take) with a demographical breakdown (based on Southern England circa 1200 AD) as well as how many mageborn there are, how old the various mageborn will be (for this exercise) and include various factors such as:

Social Status of each family
Amount of land held by each family
General Ages of people within each family
Life Expectancy of various members (based on a table freely available)
And even things along the lines of crop types and/or animal herds

If this sounds like something worth the while, then I will start crafting the tools needed to detail all this and make the information available. Such information would take the form of a document (either .txt or .doc for Microsoft word).

All that would be necessary then, is to identify where mageborn get "Spent" and what spells those mageborn will require to do their jobs. We'll also discuss the education of mageborn through the various incarnations of GURPS MAGIC spells as identified via GURPS FANTASY 1st edition, or GURPS MAGIC 2nd edition (what is now called GURPS CLASSIC MAGIC), or GURPS MAGIC for 4e.

Tools that will be used are:
Actual demographic data on land ownership in Southern England
HARN MANOR (for setting up villagers and land holdings etc)
FAMILY TREES (a free PDF advailable from the Harn Forums downloads)

The Chuch will be presumed to be like that of the Catholic Church sans the "thou shalt not suffer a witch to live" mentality and simply see what emerges from the blank canvas that will be painted.

This is not going to be a "This is what Hal believes MUST occur" so much as a "This is a thread for all to comment in and pro-offer views on how they see the world building exercise going. More importantly, it will give us all a chance to spot possibilities and point out minor issues here or there based on the rules as written in either of:

GURPS FANTASY 1st edition
GURPS MAGIC 2nd edition

If people want to discuss variations as are possible due to GURPS THAUMATOLOGY, I can see that working its way in as well.
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