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Default Re: [Supers] GURPS Unofficial Handbook to the Marvel Universe, Reboot Edition

Originally Posted by Dormammu
Reed's IQ is so higher than 15. Seriously. If there is any notion that 15 is humanly possible, he is clearly beyond the bounds of realistic IQ. In fact, I'd go so far as to say his IQ should be at least as extreme as Spidey's DX (which you have at 18).

Buying down his Per really far also strikes me odd: one of Reed's most common schticks is not only figuring things out through scientific knowledge but by way of his nearly inhuman observation skills.
I looked at Reed as being "a really intelligent nerd", for lack of a better phrase. With his Talent, his effective IQ in the physical sciences is 19, which makes him the top on the planet; however, for some of the more social skills, which are also IQ-based, he's not really that hot. Granted, there are disadvantages which limit him in those skills (I'd have to double-check to see if I gave him Clueless and/or Oblivious; I know I was toying with giving him both), but an average default of IQ-5 before the -4 from the disads still gave him a default of 10, which I felt was too high for a socially awkward nerd (trust me, I was one).

I toyed with his IQ being 19, but the other IQ-based skills which he wouldn't even have a decent default on ended up too high in that case.
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The GURPS Marvel Universe Reboot Project A-G, H-R, and S-Z, and its not-a-wiki-really web adaptation.
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