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Default Re: [DFRPG] Crawl! OOC

Originally Posted by vicious Violence View Post
Vic tells the team that it might be good to advance towards the archers, using the elementals at front, carrying the shield as passive cover, and him behind to close the gap towards the archers. Using the ramp to get down.

Why would humans be attacking us at this moment? This could be an error on their side., might be too late to talk it out, seeing as they lost one. TRULY A LOVELY DAY

Alternatively we can just hunker down in the fox hole and wait for Bain to finish them off.

The rage builds up inside Vic's head. These people have sealed their fate when the first arrow flew. That fate is DEATH.
Originally Posted by vicious Violence View Post
Vic sees the enemies moving towards the trees, and talks to gathika and Bain.

These "people" must burn, we can use embers from the fire to light the forest on fire, you can shoot them on your arrows Bain, and light the ending of our enemies, Gathika can you please select a good enough group of embers?
Nitpick: these are IC posts. Wrong thread, player.
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