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Default Re: Holy Cross Commandos or Commandos of the Southern Cross?

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
Okay, even though I'm happy with 'Comando da Santa Cruz' as the semi-official insider nickname for the group within ABIN that works closely with Vatican occult intelligence on covert anti-supernatural operations, I want to make some use of 'Cruzeiro do Sul'.

It seems to me an evocative national symbol, the constellation being associated with Brazil since almost the beginning of national identity. Also, it sounds cool.

What would you suggest?
I like the idea of Cruzeiro do Sul be a symbol of the occult monster hunting commandos and case officers within 'Comando da Santa Cruz'. Like a cross formed by stars.

'Cruzeiro do Sul Comando' does not works grammatically. :( It's Comando do Cruzeiro do Sul.

Originally Posted by Icelander
Might 'Cruzeiro do Sul' be the name of one of the PSCs which the ABIN uses as cover for its monster hunters, allowing them, for example, to carry valid paperwork as security contractors protecting a Vatican monsignor on a visit somewhere dangerous, like Venezuela?

If so, what would the official name of the PSC be? Something incorporating 'Cruzeiro do Sul' and ideally not too long, but enough to make it a plausible legal name of a security company in Brazil.
Grupo Cruzeiro do Sul (Southern Cross Group) seems right. Segurança Cruzeiro do Sul it's another (Southern Cross Security).

Originally Posted by Icelander
I'm happy with 'Comando da Santa Cruz', but nothing prevents people from referencing the group by shortened versions of its semi-official moniker, like 'Comando da Cruz' or just 'Santa Cruz'. I'm not sure about acronyms, if only because the official titles (that would change much faster than rumours could keep up) would usually be some form of acronym.
Santa Cruz would probably be the moniker. CSC also can be used.

Originally Posted by Icelander
I'd like to name several Brazilian PSCs, i.e. security firms that ABIN would use to cover the activities of the 'Comando da Santa Cruz' monster hunters. Secret agents aren't usually allowed to carry weapons outside their home countries, but private bodyguards with the correct official licenses (and working for the Catholic Church) might be allowed to carry some form of weapon in many jurisdictions in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Could plausible security firms from Brazil, with licenses to operate in neighbouring countries, be named for saints or the Virgin Mary?
Yes, I guess so.

Originally Posted by Icelander
If so, can you suggest some names that sound like they might be security firms, albeit ones founded by very religious people?

If naming security companies for saints or the Virgin Mary seems weird, can anyone with familiarity with Brazil suggest alternative names for fictional PSCs?
Anjo Seguradora. Angel Insurance/Security company
Grupo Arcanjo. Archangel Group.
SPS - São Paulo/Pedro Segurança. Saint Paul/Peter Security.
Arconte Serviços de Segurança. Archon Security Services
Vigilância - Vigilance Inc.
CATSEC - Catholic Security

Originally Posted by Icelander
Or, you know, if there are any real security companies in Brazil that you think would be plausible as the front for Brazilian intelligence as part of a secret program of covert operations in cooperation with Vatican intelligence?
I can think of Embrase - Empresa Brasileira de Segurança e Vigilância ltda (Brazilian security and surveillance company),
and Grupo Protege ( (Protect Group).

But that's just because they're POPULAR, so I think they can be in whatever place with ease.
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