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Default Re: Alternate Crosstime Organizations


Dragons are masters of magic, but their greatest tool is the ability to project bodies on other worlds. They can essentially build the body they need or want, as long as it follows the natural laws of the world. The dragon's physical form stays in a safe place on its homeworld, while its mind "pilots" the body. If the body isn't piloted, it lays in a brain dead state.

The great advantage of this method is that the bodies are disposable. A battle can be fought with 100% causalities and no real losses. Suicide missions can retrieve valuable information. It also gives them a high level of shape-shifting: They can sneak around as a rat, steal identities, and build monsters for combat.

Dragons generally try to install themselves in positions of power. A dragon wishes to be in the limelight. On their home-world there are relatively few people to pay attention to them. They don't find physical sensations (such as their body dying) anywhere near as important as the emotional sensation of power or being widely feared, hated, loved, or rumored about.

Dragons do work together, but usually in smaller numbers, or on massive projects like taking over a world. These groups usually split into quarreling factions over the spoils once the goal has been achieved.

Not all dragons are necessarily part of this faction. In fact, a variation on them is humanoid wizards who just frequently project dragon bodies.
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