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Default Telesend (Broadcast Only) Modifier

Hey all,

So I'm presently designing a species for a sci-fi setting, one that is naturally telepathic and which communicates primarily through the Telesend advantage. That said, I want to model their telepathy in the sense that it is "spoken aloud," that is to say, that they can "speak" more loudly or quietly, but that anyone of their own kind that is close enough will pick up what they're putting out there.

Broadcast (+50%) is a modifier available for the Telecommunication advantage, but how much would "Broadcast Only" be worth, with an inability to pinpoint target recipients?

My initial thought is -50%, as you're essentially removing the base function of the advantage (-100%) but adding in "Broadcast" (+50%). I've already significantly reduced the range to the Size/Speed/Range Table modifier rather than long range and limited it to their own species only.

Thoughts? Thanks ya'll.

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Christopher R. Rice
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Default Re: Telesend (Broadcast Only) Modifier

Yeah, -50% sounds about right.
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Default Re: Telesend (Broadcast Only) Modifier

A -50% limitation seems reasonable. "Broadcast Only" makes sense for a number of Telecommunication variants, not just Telesend, although you shouldn't be able to take it for telecom variants which are broadcast only by default, such as Radio Communication.

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