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Default All-out Defense Limitation

How much of a limitation would be an Enhanced Defense (Like Enhanced Dodge) that can be used only on All-Out Defense?

And, less importantly, what if it can only be used with one All-Out Defense Option (like only All-Out Increased Defense)?

I've only found limitations for all-out attack, all-out move, and all-out concentration.

Even searched MA to see if I could work it as a technique, but hadn't found a value for being limited to all-out defense either.

Would it be -25%, -20%, higher (-30%, -35%) or lower (-15%, -10%)? Maybe withan extra -5% for the single option version?
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Old 10-10-2022, 11:29 PM   #2
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Default Re: All-out Defense Limitation

For the first, I would probably be quite generous since my players very rarely AoD, well less than 1 per session for the whole group. Maybe as high as -40%. For the second, 5 at the most since when they do use it, it's always +2 to Dodge for the movement.
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Default Re: All-out Defense Limitation

maybe similar to when compartmentalized mind only works when taking concentrate
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all-out defense, defense, limitation

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